Fuses and relays Infiniti QX50 (J50), 2013 - 2018

Most of the power supply circuits to the electrical equipment of the crossover are protected by fuses. Headlights, fan motors, fuel pump and other powerful current consumers are connected via relays. Protective elements are installed in mounting blocks, which are located in the passenger compartment and in the engine compartment.

Considered fuse diagrams Infiniti QX50 1st generation (J50) 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, 2018 model year.

In the engine compartment

There are three blocks, as well as power elements on the battery.

Fuse Box #1

Photo is an example.

No. Description A
41 Fuel pump relay 15
42 Cooling fan relay 10
43 Snow Mode Switch, Transmission Control Module (TCM) 10
44 Injectors, Engine Control Module (ECM), BCM (Body Control Module) 10
45 ABS, Integrated Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) Sensor, Steering Angle Sensor, Yaw Angle / Lateral Acceleration Sensor, Power Steering Control Unit, AWD Control Unit, Brake Power Control Unit, Blind Warning Control Unit zones (BSW), Side radar LH / RH 10
46 Air Fuel Ratio Sensors, Heated Oxygen Sensors 15
47 Combination switch 10
48 Not used -
49 Air conditioner relay 10
50 Engine control module relay (intake timing control solenoid, condenser, ignition coils, engine control module, MAF sensor, EVAP canister purge volume control solenoid, exhaust timing control retarder magnet, EVAP canister ventilation control valve, variable valve event and lift control module (VVEL)) 15
51 Throttle control motor relay 15
52 Combination lamp Fron 10
53 Rear combination light, license plate light, VDC switch, adaptive front light system (AFS) switch, LDW switch, combination switch (coiled cable), clock, AV control unit, glove box light, control device, sonar cancel switch, all-round view Unit monitor control, power return switch (left and right), snow mode switch, seat heating switch (driver and passenger side), door mirror remote control switch, roof module (console lamp), warning switch, front power outlet, IBA Switch, Multifunction Switch 10
54 Far headlight, left 10
55 Headlight high right 10
56 Low beam headlamp, left 15
57 Headlight low right 15
58 Front fog lamp relay (2013-2015 - 10A; 2016-2017 - 15A) 10
or 15
59 2016-2017: Relay for daytime running lights 10
60 Front wiper relay 30
Fuse Box #2 Diagram
No. Description A
31 Horn Relay, Generator 15
32 Rear Seat Back Power Return Regulator, Rear Seat Back Release Relay (Left), Rear Seat Back Release Relay (Right) 30
33 All-wheel drive control unit (AWD) 10
34 Audio, AV control unit, iPod adapter, Surround monitor control unit, Woofer, Camera control unit, Phone adapter unit, Satellite radio, Woofer 15
35 Seat heating relay 15
36 Transmission control module (TCM) 10
37 2013-2017: horn relay 2 10
38 Not used -
F Cooling fan relay 50
G Ignition relay (fuses: "2", "3", "4"), IPDM E / R 30
H Fuse: "61", "63" 40
I Not used -
J -
K BCM (body control module), circuit breaker (auto drive control module, driver's seat control, lumbar support switch) 40
L ABS 30
M ABS 50
N Variable valve and lift motor (VVEL) relay 50
O Not used -
R1 Horn relay  
Fuse Box #3 Diagram
No. Decoding A
61 Accelerator pedal drive 10
62 Not used -
63 Brake booster control unit 10
R1 2013-2015: Cooling fan;  
2016-2017: daytime running lights  
R2 Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) Brake Hold  
R3 Not used  
R4 Sound signal number 2  
Power battery box
No. Appointment A
A Alternator, fuse: "B", "C" 140
B Fuse: "F", "G", "K", "L", "M", "N", "31", "32", "33", "34", "35", "36", "37", "38" 100
C Ignition relay (fuses: "41", "42", "43", "44", "45", "46", "47"), fuse: "48", "49", "50", "51 ". " 80
D High beam relay (fuse: "54", "55"), low beam relay (fuse: "56", "57"), rear lamp relay (fuse: "52", "53"), fuse: " 58 "," 59 "," 60 " 60
E Auxiliary relay (fuse: "18", "19", "20"), rear window heating relay (fuse: "13", "14", "15"), fan relay (fuse: "21", "22" ), Fuse: "6", "7", "9", "10", "11" 80

In the passenger compartment

Located on the driver's side behind a plastic cover.

General view of the fuse box.

No. Description A
1 Not used -
2 Airbag diagnostic sensor unit, passenger classification control unit 10
3 Right and left aiming motor, shift lock relay, automatic cruise control (ASCD) brake switch, intelligent cruise control (ICC) brake switch, adaptive front lighting system (AFS) control unit, AFS switch, data link connector, LDW Switch, Sonar Control Unit, Lane Departure Warning Buzzer, Unified A / C Meter and Amplifier, Seat Heating Relay, AV Control Unit, Sonar Cancel Switch, Surround Monitor Control Unit, Buzzer, Phone Adapter Box, Compressor, Interior Mirror with auto dimming, lane camera unit, brake light switch, warning switch, ionizer, exhaust / odor detection sensor 10
4 Combined counter, back-up lamp relay 10
5 Not used -
6 Key Socket, Intelligent Key Warning Buzzer, Data Link Socket, Unified Meter A / C Amplifier, Rear Seat Back Power Return Control, Rear Seat Back Unlock Relay (Left), Rear Seat Back Unlock Relay (Right), Clock, Interior Mirror with auto dimming, all around View Monitor Control Unit, Display Unit, Telephone Adapter Unit, Satellite Radio Tuner, Daytime Running Light Relay, Combination Counter 10
7 Brake Light Switch, BCM (Body Control Module), Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) Brake Hold Relay 10
8 Amplifier BOSE 20
9 Key slot, push-button ignition switch 10
10 Seat Memory Switch, Auto Control Module, Driver's Seat Control, Door Mirror, BCM (Body Control Module) 10
11 Combined Meter, All Wheel Drive (AWD) Control Unit, Unified Meter A / C Amplifier 10
12 Not used -
13 Heated rearview mirror 10
14 Heated rear window 20
15 20
16 Not used -
17 -
18 Front power outlet, cigarette lighter fuse 15
19 Combination counter, unified counter and air conditioning amplifier, display, multifunction switch, AV control unit, adapter for iPod, BCM (body control module), sonar control unit, phone adapter unit, camera control unit, door mirror remote control switch, satellite radio Tuner , the control unit for the monitor of the circular view 10
20 Console power connector, QX50 cigarette lighter  20
21 Fan motor 15
22 15
Back Side Relays
R1 Ignition relay  
R2 Heated rear window relay
R3 Auxiliary relay  
R4 Front fan relay  
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