Fuses and relays Lincoln MKT (mk1; 2009-2012)

This material discusses in detail the fuse diagrams of the Lincoln MKT (first generation): 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 release.

Fuses 25, 19, 21 in the engine bay block and 40 in the passenger compartment block are responsible for the cigarette lighter and power outlet.

In the engine compartment

Located on the left side of the engine bay, behind the protection cover.

General view.

No. Description
39 diode - Fuel pump
40 diode - One touch integrated start
41 Trailer tow park lamp r
42 Left trailer tow stop/turn lamp
43 Right trailer tow stop/turn lamp
44 Backup lamps relay
50 Blower motor
51 Fog lamp deactivation
52 Starter
53 Adaptive cruise control relay
54 3rd row power seats relay
55 Front wiperr
56 Heated mirrors / Rear window defroster
57 Empty
58 Empty
59 Auxiliary blower motor
60 Trailer tow battery charge
61 Refrigerator
62 Automatic high beams
63 Run/start relay
64 PCM relay
65 A/C clutch relay
66 Lincoln MKT fuel pump relay
1 Empty
2 Empty
3 Trailer tow brake controller (30A)
4 Front and rear Wiper relay(40A)
5 Passenger power seat (30A)
6 110V AC inverter (30A)
7 Rear climate control seat (30A)
8 Front climate control seat (30A)
9 ABS pump (40A)
10 Starter (30A)
11 Powertrain control module vehicle power (30A)
12 ABS valve (20A)
13 Hgh intensity discharge headlamp - Right  side (20A)
14 Adaptive cruise relay and Brake on/off (BOO) switch (10A)
15 Adaptive cruise control system Automatic high beams (15A)
16 Left hgh intensity discharge headlamp (20A)
17 Alternator sensor (10A)
18 3rd row power seats (30A)
19 Console front 12V power outlet / cigar lighter (20A)
20 Heated mirrors and Rear defroster (40A)
21 Rear console 12V power outlet / cigarette lighter (20A)
22 Trailer tow stop/turn lamps fuse 45 power and Trailer tow battery charge (40A)
23 Canister vent, PCM keep alive power, Relay coil (10A)
24 A/C clutch (10A)
25 Rear 12V power outlet  (20A)
26 Backup lamps (15A)
27 Lincoln MKT fuel pump fuse (15A)
28 Cooling fan (80A)
29 Smart window - left rear, Panoramic sunroof, Power sunshade module (30A)
30 Smart window - left front (30A)
31 Auxiliary blower motor (40A)
32 Memory motor power / Driver seat motor (30A)
33 Run/start relay (30A)
34 Power liftgate (30A)
35 A/C blower - Front (40A)
36 Secondary fuse for Rear wiper module (25A)
37 Washer pump (15A)
38 Trailer tow backup lamps (10A)
45 Trailer tow stop/turn lamps (secondary fuse) (20A)
46 PCM vehicle power #2 and #3 (15A)
47 PCM vehicle power #1 (20A)
48 PCM vehicle power #4 (coil on plugs) (15A)
49 Secondary fuse for Heated mirrors (10A)

In the passenger compartment

Located under the dashboard to the left of the steering wheel.

Access example.

No. Description
1 Smart window - Right rear (30A)
2 Refrigerator (15A)
3 2nd row lumbar switches and Driver seat switch (15A)
4 Smart window - Right front (30A)
5 3rd row power fold module and Brake transmission shift interlock (10A)
6 Turn signals (20A)
7 Left headlamps - Low beam (10A)
8 Right headlamps -  Low beam (10A)
9 Interior lights, Trunk lamps (15A)
10 Puddle lamps, Backlighting (15A)
11 All wheel drive system (AWD) (10A)
12 Intelligent access (7,5A)
13 IA receiver,  Steering column position switch, Exterior mirror switch, Driver door module, Driver seat module, Keypad (5A)
14 SYNC®, Power liftgate module, Rear entertainment (10A)
15 Electronic finish panel, Climate control module (10A)
16 ALM, Navigation display, Auxiliary climate control (15A)
17 Global window open (20A)
18 Amp (20A)
19 Amp (25A)
20 OBD2 Data link connector, 2nd row power fold seat motors (15A)
21 Fog lamps (15A)
22 License plate lamps, Park lamps, Illuminated liftgate applique (15A)
23 Auto high beam relay, High beam headlamps, Fog lamp deactivation relay (15A)
24 Horn (20A)
25 2nd row power fold seats, Demand lamps/interior lamps, Powertrain control module (GTDI) wake-up, 3rd row seat relay (10A)
26 Heads up display and Instrument panel cluster (10A)
27 Ignition Switch, Intelligent access (20A)
28 Radio mute (5A)
29 Instrument panel cluster (5A)
30 Transmission shifter (5A)
31 Heads up display and Steering angle sensor (10A)
32 Restraint control unit (10A)
33 Adaptive lighting unit (10A)
34 Front body run/start feeds (5A)
35 Body module run/start feeds (10A)
36 Spare (5A)
37 PCM run/start, Fuel relay (10A)
38 Park lamps trailer tow (20A)
39 Audio control unit (20A)
40 Lincoln MKT cigarette lighter fuse (20A)
41 Delayed accessory feeds (15A)
42 Spare (10A)
43 Rear wiper,  Auxiliary blower, Rain sensor (10A)
44 Trailer tow backup lamps (10A)
45 Front blower, Front wiper (5A)
46 Passenger airbag deactivation indicator (PADI), Occupant classification sensor (OCS), Front control interface module (7,5A)
47 Circuit Breaker: Spare (30A)
48 Delayed accessory relay
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