Fuses and relays Nissan Note (E11), 2005 - 2013

Nissan Note belongs to subcompact vans. The first generation is designated as E11 and was produced in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. During this period, the car was restyled. The second generation E12 has been produced since 2012. We present for review information about the locations of all major electronic control units. We will pay special attention to fuses and relays for the Nissan Note e11, we will show photographs of the blocks and their diagrams with decoding.

The purpose of the elements of your blocks and their meaning may differ from the one presented. Check the description with yours on the back of the protective cover.

In the passenger compartment

General arrangement

Location of control units.

1 Fuse box
2 Door Lock Relay (with Intelligent Car Access System)
3 Theft Deterrent System Antenna Amplifier (NATS)
4 Intelligent car access control unit
5 Body Electronics Module (BCM)
6 Transmission control unit
7 Airbag unit
8 ESP control unit

Fuse box

Located in the instrument panel, on the left behind the protective cover.

F1 10A Airbags SRC system
F2 10A Bodywork, Ignition Relay, Fuel Pump Relay, Body Electronics Module (BCM)
F3 10A warning indicators, warning buzzer, charging system
F4 15A Windshield and tailgate washer pump
F5 15A Heated exterior mirrors
F6 10A Anti-theft system (NATS), Audio system
F7 10A Body electronics module (BCM)
F8 10A Central locking, remote control unit
F9 10A Brake lights, ABS, ESP, warning indicators
F10 Reserve
F11 Reserve
F12 10A Interior lighting, remote control unit, lighting, luggage compartment lighting, rain sensor
F13 Reserve
F14 10A Instrument panel illumination, diagnostic connector (OBD II), intelligent car access system, direction indicators
F15 15A Electric fan heater
F16 10A Climatic unit
F17 15A Electric fan heater
F18 15A Rear socket
F19 10A Heated seats
F20 15A Front outlet, cigarette lighter fuse
R11 Heater fan relay
R12 Interior auxiliary equipment relay

For the front cigarette lighter, there is a 15A fuse number 20.

In the engine compartment

General arrangement

Location of electronic components.

1 Fuse mounting block (IPDM E / R)
2 Relay box (PTC)
3 Additional fuse box
4 K9K : Additional power fuse box
5 Power fuse box
6 LHD: ABS control unit
7 RHD: ABS control unit
8 Wiper motor
9 Engine control unit (ECM)

Fuse box #1

Fuse mounting block №1 - photo.

41 -
42 -
43 10A High beam right, daytime running lights, automatic lighting system
44 10A High beam left, daytime running lights, automatic lighting system
45 10A Side light on the right side, automatic lighting system, backlight
46 10A Side light on the left side, automatic lighting system, lights, headlights
47 -
48 20A Windshield wiper and washer
49 15A Low beam left, daytime running lights, automatic lighting system
50 15A Low beam right, daytime running lights, automatic lighting system
51 10A A / C compressor clutch
52 -
53 -
54 20A Automatic transmission control unit
55 15A Heated rear window, fuse No. 5 (heated mirrors)
56 15A Heated rear window, fuse No. 5 (heated mirrors)
57 15A Fuel pump relay
58 10A Speed ​​sensor (automatic transmission), oil temperature sensor (automatic transmission), automatic transmission control unit, turbine rotation sensor
59 10A ABS, ESP
60 10A Automatic transmission selector, starting system, reversing lamps, automatic transmission indicators, rear wiper and washer
61 20A Throttle valve relay
62 20A Engine control unit, MAF sensor, crankshaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor, canister purge valve, ignition system, intake valve, anti-theft system, injectors, fuel drive, turbine valve
63 10A Fuel injection system, front heated oxygen sensor, rear heated oxygen sensor
64 10A Fuel injection system
65 20A Front fog light
R1 1) Heated rear window, 2) Dipped beam
R2 1) Engine control unit (ECM), 2) Side light
R3 1) Low beam, 2) High beam left
R4 1) Front fog light, 2) High beam right
R5 1) Starter, 2) A / C compressor clutch
R6 Front fog light
R7 1) Cooling fan (high speed), 2) Windshield wiper
R8 1) Cooling fan (low speed), 2) Cooling fan (high speed)
R9 1) Ignition, 2) Cooling fan (low speed)

Fuse box #2

31 -
32 -
33 -
34 15A Audio system
35 10A Sound signal
36 10A charging system
37 10A Daytime running lights
38 -
G 40A Cooling fan relay (high speed), cooling fan relay (low speed)
H 40A Ignition lock
I 40A Auxiliary heater (PTC)
J 40A Power windows, body electronics module (BCM)
L 30A Headlight cleaners
M 60A Power steering
R1 Daytime Running Lights
R2 Sound signal

Power fuse panels

  • N 80A - Auxiliary heater (PTC)
  • O 60A - Glow plugs
  • P 80A - Auxiliary heater (PTC)

Located on the positive battery circuit.

  • А - 80/140 / 250А - Charging system, starting system, fuses;
  • B - 80 / 100A - Fuses;
  • C - 80A - Fuses;
  • D - 60A - Ignition relay, fuses, fuel pump relay;
  • E - 80A - Auxiliary relay, fuses, heater relay.
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