Fuses and relays Nissan Tiida (C11/C12), 2004 - 2014

Nissan Tiida is a compact car in the C - segment. The first generation C11 was produced in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. The second generation C12 was produced in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. From 2015 to the present, the third generation C13 is on sale . Due to low demand for this model, official sales in Russia have been suspended. This article will offer information about fuse and relay blocks in Nissan Tiida with photographs, diagrams and a description of the purpose of their elements. We also note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Check the fuse assignment with the diagrams on the back of the protective cover.

In the passnger compartment

Fuse box located in the dashboard behind the protective cover on the driver's side.

Type 1


1 10A Passive safety system
2 10A Additional interior equipment
3 10A Instrument cluster
4 15A Washer glass pump
5 10A Heated exterior mirrors
6 10A Power mirrors, audio head unit
7 10A Stop lights
8 10A Interior lighting
9 10A Body ECU
10 Reserve
11 10A Side light bulb, right rear light
12 10A Side light bulb, left rear light
13 10A Instrument cluster
14 10A Additional interior equipment
15 15A Engine cooling fan motor
16 10A Heating, air conditioning and ventilation system
17 15A Engine cooling fan motor
18 Reserve
19 15A Socket for connecting additional equipment (cigarette lighter)
20 Reserve
R1 Heater fan
R2 Additional equipment
R3 Relay (no data)
R4 Heated exterior mirrors
R5 R5 - Immobilizer

Type 2


1 10A Audio system, Audio-Acc mirror drive, power supply for rotary mirror motors, NATS power supply (with chip key)
2 10A Heated rear window and side mirrors
3 15A Front and rear window washer motor
4 10A Instrument panel
5 10A Electronics
6 10A Airbag module
7 10A Electronics
8 Empty
9 10A Interior and trunk lighting
10 Empty
11 Empty
12 10A stop lamps
13 10A Passive Entry (For Chip Key Systems)
14 10A Electronics
15 15A Power Outlet - cigarette lighter
16 10A Heated seats
17 15A Power Outlets - console, trunk
18 15A Heater / air conditioner fan
19 10A Air Conditioner
20 15A Heater / air conditioner fan

In the engine compartment

In the engine compartment next to the battery there are 2 fuse and relay boxes, one additional relay box and high-power fuses on the battery positive terminal.

Primary fuse box

Type 1


1 20A Heated tailgate glass
2 Spare
3 20A Engine control unit
4 Spare
5 30A Windshield washer
6 Spare
7 10A A / C Compressor Electromagnetic Clutch
8 10A License plate lamps
9 15A Nissan Tiida Fog Lamp Fuse (optional)
10 15A Low beam lamp, left headlamp
11 15A Low beam lamp, right headlamp
12 10A High beam lamp, right headlamp
13 10A High beam lamp, left headlamp
14 Spare
15 Spare
16 10A Sensors for oxygen concentration in exhaust gases
17 10 Injection system
18 Spare
19 15A Fuel module
20 10A Automatic transmission sensor
21 10A ABS
22 10A Reverse light switch
23 Spare
24 15A Optional equipment
R1 Heated rear window relay
R2 Cooling fan relay
R3 Cooling fan relay
R4 Ignition system relay
Type 2


43 (10A) Front high beam headlamp right
44 (10A) Front high beam headlamp left
45 (10A) Air conditioner, standard music lights and right-hand marker lamps, lights, headlight adjustment motors
46 46 (10A) Parking lighting, lighting switches under. seats, door opening
48 48 (20A) Windshield wiper motor
49 49 (15A) Left low beam headlamp
50 50 (15A) Headlamp dipped beam right
51 51 (10A) Air conditioning compressor
55 55 (15A) Heated rear window
56 56 (15A) Heated rear window
57 57 (15A) Gasoline pump (CH)
58 58 (10A) Power supply for automatic transmission systems (AT)
59 59 (10A) ABS control unit
60 60 (10A) Additional electrical
61 61 (20A) To terminal B + IPDM, Throttle valve motor and relay (for CH)
62 62 (20A) To terminal B + IPDM, to terminals ECM / PW and BATT of ECM ©, terminal power supply of ignition coils, DPKV, DPRV, EVAP Canister valve, IVTC valve
63 63 (10A) Oxygen sensors
64 64 (10A) Injector coils, injection system
65 65 (20A) Front fog lights
R1 Rear window defogger relay
R2 Main relay of the engine control unit
R3 Relay low beam headlights
R4 High beam relay
R5 Starter relay
R6 Relay for fan 2 of the engine cooling system
R7 Relay for fan 1 of the engine cooling system
R8 Fan relay 3 engine cooling system
R9 Ignition relay

Auxilary fuse box


1 10A Immobilizer
2 10A Heated seats
3 10A Generator
4 10A Buzzer
5 60/30 / 30A Control unit for electric power steering, headlight washer window, ABS system
6 50A Electric drive glass lifters
7 Spare
8 15A Diesel injection system
9 10A Throttle assembly
10 15A Head unit of audio systems
11 40/40 / 40A ABS system. body electrical control unit, ignition system
12 Spare
R1 Horn relay

Additional relay box

Located on the right side. It is possible to install 2 relays, for example a wiper and a daylight. Depending on the configuration, they can be empty.

Power fuse panel

  1. 120A Electric power steering control unit, headlight washer, ABS system
  2. 60A Engine control unit, throttle unit relay, power window relay
  3. 80A Low and high beam headlamps
  4. 80A Immobilizer, seat heating, generator, sound signal
  5. 100A ABS system, body electrical control unit, ignition system, power steering control unit, headlight washer
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