Fuses and relays Peugeot Boxer, 2006 - 2019

Peugeot Boxer is a commercial van developed by the Fiat Centro Stile design bureau. Produced by the joint venture JV Sevel SpA, created in 1978 by the Italian Fiat Group and the French PSA Peugeot Citroën. The van acquired its modern design in 2006. It is produced under four brands: Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Jumper, RAM Promaster (in the USA) and the third generation Fiat Ducato III.

In our material, we will analyze in detail the fuse circuits for the Peugeot Boxer 2nd generation 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 release. Here are the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Separately, we note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

In the passenger compartment

There are two blocks here: one next to the passenger seat, the second on the driver's side at the bottom of the dashboard.

Fuse box #1

The location of the fuse box next to the seat.

No. Description A
Type 1
F54 Absent -
F55 Heated seats 15
F56 Electrical outlet near rear passenger seats 15
F57 Additional heater under the seat 10
F58 Side marker lights, direction indicators 10
F59 Self-leveling suspension (+ battery) 7.5
F60 No -
F61 No -
F62 No -
F63 Passenger auxiliary heater drive (boxer) 10
F64 Absent -
F65 Passenger auxiliary heater fan 30
T30 size relay  
T31 auxiliary heater relay  
T66 cigarette lighter relay  
Type 2
54 Air conditioner / heater 10
55 Seat heater 15
56   15
57 Air conditioner / heater 10
58 dipped headlights 10
59 Active suspension system 7.5
60 Air conditioner / heater 10
61 30
T25 Internal lighting  
T66 Cigarette lighter relay  
T30 Relay marker lamps  
T31 Additional heater under the seat  

Fuse box #2

Another passenger compartment fuse box is located on the driver's side, at the bottom of the dashboard.

Access example. Unscrew screws A.

Decoding the fuse block under the dashboard Peugeot Boxer
Type 1

General form.

No. Description A
F12 RH low beam headlamp 7.5
F13 Left low beam headlamp, headlight range control 7.5
F31 Engine Compartment Control Unit Relay, Dashboard Control Unit Relay (+ Key) 7.5
F32 Minibus interior lamps (emergency lighting) 10
F33 Rear electrical outlet 15
F34 Absent -
F35 Reversing lights, servotronic control unit, diesel filter water presence sensor, (+ key) 7.5
F36 Centralized door lock control unit (+ battery) 15
F37 Brake light switch (main), third brake light, instrument panel (+ key) 7.5
F38 Instrument panel control unit relay (+ battery) 10
F39 EOBD diagnostic system connector, radio, air conditioner, alarm, chronotachograph, Webasto preheater timer (+ battery) 10
F40 Heated left rear window, driver's side mirror heater 15
F41 Heated rear window right, passenger side mirror heater 15
F42 ABS system, brake lights (secondary) (+ key) 7.5
F43 Windshield wiper (+ key) 30
F44 Peugeot boxer cigarette lighter fuse , front electrical outlet 20
F45 Driver's door controls, passenger's door controls 7.5
F46 Absent -
F47 Driver's door window regulator 20
F48 Passenger door window lifter 20
F49 Radio, driver's door power window, dashboard devices, rain sensor (+ key) 7.5
F50 Airbag (+ key) 7.5
F51 Air conditioning, cruise control, chronotachograph (+ key) 7.5
F52 Auxiliary Control Unit Relay 7.5
F53 Instrument panel, rear fog lights (+ battery) 7.5
1 Headlamp low beam relay  
2 Heated rear window relay  
Type 2

Photo is an example.

No. Appointment A
F12 Low beam headlamp, right 7.5
F13 Low beam headlamp, left 7.5
F31 Engine Compartment Processor Relay - Instrument Panel Processor Relay (+ Key) 5
F32 Interior lighting (+ battery) 7.5
F33 Battery monitoring sensor on the "stop-start" version (+ battery) 7.5
F34 Minibus Interior Lighting - Hazard Lights 7.5
F36 Car radio - Air conditioning control - Burglar alarm - Chronotachograph - Battery switch processor - Additional heating programmer (+ battery) 10
F37 Brake light switch - Third brake light - Instrument panel (+ key) 7.5
F38 central locking 20
F42 Microprocessor and ABS sensor - ASR sensor - CDS sensor - Brake light switch 5
F43 Windshield wiper (+ key) 20
F47 Driver's side window lifter 20
F48 Passenger side window lifter 20
F49 Parking aid processor - Car radio - Steering wheel switches - Center and side control panels - Additional control panel - Battery breaker processor (+ key) 5
F50 Airbag and belt pretensioner processor 7.5
F51 Chronotachograph - Power steering processor - Air conditioning - Reversing lights - Water filter in diesel fuel filter - Flow sensor (+ key) 5
F53 Instrument cluster 7.5
F89 No -
F90 High beam headlamp, left 7.5
F91 High beam headlamp, right 7.5
F92 Fog lamp left 7.5
F93 Fog lamp right 7.5

In the engine compartment

Located on the left side of the engine compartment.

Photo is an example of execution.

Assigment of fuses in the engine compartment
No. Decoding A
F1 ABS system 40
F2 Engine management / Spark plugs (+ battery) 50
F3 Ignition switch / Ignition switch (+ battery) 30
F4 Air conditioning / heater or Webasto pre-heater control unit (+ battery) or Headlight washer pump 20
F5 Air conditioning / heater or Cabin ventilation system with Webasto heater / diesel filter heater (+ battery) 20
F6 High speed engine cooling fan (+ battery) 40/60
F7 Low speed engine cooling fan (+ battery) 40/50
F8 Air conditioning / heater or Interior fan (+ key) 40
F9 Headlamp washers or Rear 12V socket or Windshield washer pump 20
F10 Sound signal 15
F11 Engine management 15
F14 Main beam lamp (right) or 12V socket front, cigarette lighter 7.5
F15 High beam lamp (left) or Cigarette lighter 7.5
F16 Engine management 7.5
F17 Engine management 10
F18 Engine management 7.5
F19 Air Conditioner / Heater / Air Conditioning Compressor 7.5
F20 Headlight washers 30
F21 Engine management or Gasoline pump 15
F22 Engine management 20
F23 ABS system 30
F24 Automatic transmission 15
F30 Fog lights or heated glass 15
1 Headlamp high beam relay  
2 Horn relay  
3 A / C compressor electromagnetic clutch relay  
4 -  
5 -  
6 Heater blower motor relay  
7 Engine control relay  
8 Fuel pump relay  
9 Fog lamp relay  
10 Windshield washer pump relay  
11 Headlight washer / washer relay  
12 -  
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