Fuses and relays Renault Espace (JK; 2002-2014)

The 4th generation French minivan Renault Espace was produced in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. During this period, the car received several restyling. The extended version is called Grand Espace.  We propose to get acquainted with the locations of all electronic control components of espace 4 (JK). We will especially highlight information about fuse and relay blocks, their photographs and diagrams, the purpose of the elements and the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

The number of elements in the blocks and their diagrams may differ and depend on the year of manufacture and the electrical equipment of the car.

General arrangement

Location of all electronic elements.

1 Electronic control unit ABS
2 Air conditioner electronic control unit
3 Air conditioner / heater fan motor control unit 1 - under the underbody
4 Air conditioner / heater fan motor control unit 2 - under the underbody
5 Air conditioner / heater blower motor - under the body
6 Aerial amplifier - above right rear side window
7 Side Impact Sensor Assembly - Driver Side B-Pillar
8 Side Impact Sensor Assembly - Passenger Side B-Pillar
9 Anti-theft Control Unit - If Equipped
10 Additional heater - bottom - if equipped
11 Accumulator battery
12 Diagnostic Connector (DLC) - Center Console
13 Driver's door control unit
14 Passenger door electrical control unit
15 Electric parking brake control unit - near the tank
16 Electronic engine control unit
17 Fuse / relay box, engine compartment
18 Fuse / relay box dashboard 1
19 Fuse / relay box 2, dash - under dash fuse / relay box 1
20 Fuse / relay box instrument panel Z
21 Fuse / Relay Box, Instrument Panel 4 - If Equipped
22 Fuse / Relay Box, Bottom, Near Heater Block - If Equipped
23 Lateral acceleration sensor - includes a lateral movement sensor (with EZR) - under the seat
24 Glow plug control unit
25 Headlamp control unit, left (models with xenon headlights)
26 Headlamp control unit, right (models with xenon headlights)
27 Headlamp leveling control unit (models with xenon headlights) - includes a body height sensor - front.
28 Intake air heater - in the heater block - if equipped
29 Buzzer (s)
30 Ignition reader
31 Turn signal / alarm relay - integrated in multifunction control unit
32 Instrument cluster control unit - in the dashboard
33 Multifunctional control unit functions: Anti-theft system, audible warning / buzzer, lamp check system, electric window regulator, headlight washers - some models, immobilizer, turn signals, interior lamps, power steering, rain sensor, rear window wipers, front / rear marker lamps, steering column lock, tire pressure monitoring system, windshield wipers
34 Navigation system CD / DVD drive (NIVAV3) - in the glove compartment
35 Navigation system control unit (NIVAV3)
36 Ambient air temperature sensor - in the mirror of the right door
37 Parking system control unit - behind the right rear trim panel
38 Parking Assist Buzzer - Behind Right Rear Trim Panel
39 Rain sensor - inside rearview mirror
40 Fuse / relay box center console
41 Power seat memory control unit - under the seat
42 Seat position sensor, driver's seat - under seat
43 Steering column lock
44 Steering wheel position sensor - under the steering wheel (with ESP)
45 Electronic control unit SRS-center console
46 Body height sensor - front (with xenon headlights) - built into the xenon headlight control unit - on the suspension
47 Body height sensor - rear (models with xenon headlights) - on the suspension
48 Tailgate Actuator Relay - If Equipped
49 Electronic gearbox control unit
50 Signal receiver for tire pressure monitoring system - under the underbody
51 Vehicle speed sensor - ABS electronic control unit
52 Voice synthesizer
53 Lateral acceleration sensor - includes a lateral movement sensor (with ESP) - under the seat

In the engine compartment

The mounting block is located on the right side of the engine compartment behind the protective cover.

General form.

Description Amps
1 Automatic transmission 7,5
2 Empty -
3 Engine management 30
4 Automatic transmission 5/15
5 Brake servo vacuum pump relay (F4Rt) 30
6 Engine management 10
7 Empty -
8 Empty -
9 Air conditioning system 20
10 Anti-lock braking system / stability control system 20
11 Buzzer (s) 20/30
12 Empty -
13 Coolant Heaters - If Equipped 70
14 70
15 Cooling fan motor control 60
16 Headlamp washers, heated rear window, multifunction control module 40
17 Anti-lock braking system / stability control system 40
18 Combination switch, daylight system, multifunction control box 70
19 Heater / air conditioner, multifunction control unit 70
20 Battery current monitor relay (some models), combination switch (some models), daytime running lights, multifunction control box 60
21 Power seats, multifunction control module, fuse / relay box, center console, sunroof 60
22 Heated windshield (some models) 80
23 Windshield wiper, electric parking brake 60
Relays (Type 1)  
R1 Coolant heater relay  
R2 Cooling Fan Motor Relay (Without A / C, —01/03)  
R3 Brake booster vacuum pump relay (F4 Rt)  
R4 Brake servo vacuum pump relay  
R5 Coolant Heater Relay 3 - (—01/03 if equipped)  
R6 Fuel pump relay  
R7 Crankcase ventilation heater relay (F4 Rt)  
R8 Engine control relay  
R9 Cooling fan motor relay 1 - (with air conditioning, —01 / 03)  
R10 Cooling fan motor relay 2  
R11 Coolant Heater Relay 2 - (—01/03 If Equipped)  
Relays (Type 2)  
R1 Additional heating relay  
R2 Water pump relay  
R3 A / C blower motor relay  
R4 Empty  
R5 Empty  
R6 Fuel pump relay  
R7 Heater relay (fuel gas ventilation system)  
R8 Injection blocking relay  
R9 Reciprocating compressor relay  
R10 A / C blower motor relay  
R11 Additional heating relay 2  

In the passenger compartment

Fuse box #1

Located at the top of the dashboard.

General view.

(Amps) Description
F1 Empty
F2 (10A) Parking brake switch, ignition reader, multifunction control module, starter switch
F3 (10A) Headlight range control unit, headlight range control unit (xenon headlights), windshield washer nozzle heaters, instrument cluster, voice synthesizer
F4 (20A) Anti-theft system, automatic transmission (AT), central locking, heater / air conditioning system, rain sensor, in-room temperature sensor fan, interior rearview mirror, parking system, reversing lights, switch lights, windshield wiper motor
F5 (15A) Interior lamps
F6 (20A) Air conditioning, automatic transmission (AT), door lock, cruise control, diagnostic connector (DLC), power door mirrors, power windows, switch lights, brake lights, washers / wipers windshield
F7 (15A) Headlamp leveling control module (xenon headlights), headlight range control, instrument cluster, LH headlamp - low beam
F8 (7.5A) Right front parking lights
F9 (15A) Direction indicators / hazard warning lights
F10 (10A) Audio, power seats, power windows, instrument cluster, navigation, telematics
F11 (30A) Air conditioning, fog lights, instrument cluster, voice synthesizer
F12 (5A) SRS system
F13 (5A) Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
F14 (15A) Buzzer (s)
F15 (30A) Driver's door control module, power door mirrors, power windows
F16 (30A) Passenger door control module, power windows
F17 (10A) Rear fog lamps
F18 (10A) Heated door mirrors
F19 (15A) RH headlamp-low beam
F20 (7.5A) Audio CD changer, instrument panel grille illumination, glove compartment illumination, instrument cluster rheostat, interior lamps, front left-hand marker lamps, license plate lamps, navigation system, switch illumination
F21 (30A) Rear window washer, high beam
F22 (30A) Central locking
F23 (15A) Accessory power connectors
F24 (15A) Auxiliary equipment socket (rear), cigarette lighter
F25 (10A) Brake light switch (brake pedal position sensor), heated rear window, steering column lock (some models)
F26 Empty

Fuse box #2

Located behind the glove compartment on the passenger side.

17 Air conditioner relay
2 Power seat relay
3 Headlight washer pump relay
4 Brake light relay
5 Daytime lighting relay 1
6 Daytime lighting relay 2
7 Rear power window relay (some models)
F26 (30A) Trailer socket
F27 (30A) Sunroof
F28 (30A) Power window regulator, rear left
F29 (30A) Power window regulator, rear right
F30 (5A) Steering wheel position sensor
F31 (30A) Sunroof cover
F32 Empty
F33 Empty
F34 (15A) Power seat - driver's side
F35 (20A) Heated front seats
F36 (20A) Power seat - driver's side
F37 (20A) Power passenger seat

Fuse box #3

Located next to the central switching unit on the driver's side

1 Fog lamp relay
2 Relay 1 of the main ignition circuits
3 Rear wiper motor relay
4 Starter relay
5 Relay for auxiliary ignition circuits
6 Relay 2 main ignition circuits
7 Heated rear window relay
F1 Power window shunt resistor - front
F2 Power window shunt resistor - rear
F3 Daytime Lighting Shunt Resistor - Headlights
F4 Daylight bypass resistor - low beam

In the cabin, under the glove box armrest mats, there is a fuse for disconnecting electricity consumers: 20A - Diagnostic connector, audio system, ECU, Central communication unit, burglar alarm.

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