Fuses and relays Renault Modus (JP / FP; 2004-2012)

Renault Modus was produced in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. After restyling, it is also known as the Grand Modus.

We will show the location of fuse and relay blocks in Renault modus, their photos, diagrams and the purpose of the elements. Let's highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

In the passenger compartment

Main block located in the passenger compartment on the lower left side of the dashboard. 

Fuse box №1

On the back of the protective cover there will be an up-to-date diagram showing the location of the fuses.

Photo - example.

Assignment of the fuses in the passenger compartment
Amps / Description
F1 30A UCH
F2 15A Instrument panel, air conditioning control unit, fuse and relay box
F3 Not used
F4 Main electromagnetic signal, diagnostic connector, display
F5 7.5A UCH
F6 25A Driver power window motor, child seat safety control
F7 25A Electric driver window control
F9 10A Cigarette lighter Renault Modus
F10 20A Passenger Fan
F11 20A Passenger Fan
F12 15A Air conditioning control unit, radio, steering wheel control, telephone, heated seats, alarm.
F13 10A Passenger compartment fuse and relay box
F14 Empty
F15 20A Rear wiper motor
F16 30A Electric mirrors
F17 30A UCH
F18 15A UCH, engine immobilizer
F19 5A Rain and light sensor, interior motion sensor
F20 10A Instrument panel, radio, alarm, air suspension pressure control system

Fuse box №2

Attached to the cross member of the dashboard, under the passenger airbag.

Amps / Description
F1 20A Relay for emergency opening of the driver's and passenger's doors
F2 20A Heated driver and passenger seats
F3 15A Roof hatch
F4 25A Power window relay
F5 Not used
F6 Not used

Fuse boxes under the hood

Block #1

This unit is located in the engine compartment behind the left headlight. To access the unit, remove the drip tray under the air intake grille.

Assignment of the fuses in the engine compartment  
A - Description
100 25A ABS computer or electronic stabilization program
101 Not used
102 10A Right high beam headlamps
103 10A Left high beam headlamp
104 10 Right light, right seat heating control, electronic stability on / off button, rear right electric window control, climate control panel, air conditioning control unit, central door lock, electric door mirror and window control.
105 10A Left side light, left seat heating, first row cigarette lighter, display with gear lever, power window control
106 15A Direction indicators, auxiliary heater relay, power shift lever, hands-free kit, telephone, tire pressure indicator
107 20A Wiper motor
108 15A Right drive headlights / right headlight range control
109 15A Left headlight motor / left headlight
300 10A Air conditioner
301 Not used
302 25A Starter
303 20A Computer
304 Not used
305 15A Heated rear window
306 15A Headlight washer power relay (relays A and B on the board)
307 5A Computer
308 Not used
309 10A Reversing lights
310 20A Ignition coils
311 20A Power supply
312 10A Airbag
313 10A Computer
314 20A Front left and right fog lamps
1 Heated rear window
2 Injection blocking
3 Low beam headlights
4 Headlights
5 Starter
6 Not used
7 High speed motor cooling fan
8 Low speed motor cooling fan
9 Ignition feed

Block #2

This unit is located on the front wall of the battery shelf.

A - Description
F1 30A Central injection unit power relay on K9K or 764 engine / 30 Preheating
F3 30A Air conditioner fan / 30A A / C fan, pump relay
F5 50A Fuses F1, F2, F3, F4
F6 80A Additional passenger heater
F7 60A Additional passenger heater
F8 50A Computer ABS
F9 Not used
F10 Not used
F11 Not used
F12 10A Left headlight power sensor
A 20A Headlight washer pump
B 20A Headlight washer pump relay
C 20A headlights

Block #3

This power fuse box is located on the positive terminal of the battery.

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