Fuses and relays Renault Master (FD; 1997-2010)

Renault Master - belongs to the series of light-duty vehicles. Over the years, the Renault Master has been delivered to markets with a variety of body styles, both standard and extended. Master modifications with increased payload are also known as Messenger and Mascott. This model represents a copy of Opel Movano and Nissan Interstar, they have a similar block arrangement. Renault Master of the 2nd generation was produced in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. During this period, the car was restyled. 

We will provide information on the location of relay and fuse blocks for 2nd generation, show photos of the blocks, a diagram and a description of their purpose. Let's highlight the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

In the passenger compartment

Fuse box

The mounting block is located on the left side of the dashboard.

Depending on the configuration, there are several options for its execution.

Type 1

General view.

No. Description Amps
1 Spare -
2 Spare -
3 Spare -
4 Anti-theft device, Shock sensor 20
5 Spare -
6 LH high beam headlamp, Instrument panel 10
7 Light, Audio system memory, Instrument panel, Remote control receiver for door locks, Interior lighting, Index with built-in clock, Door lock control relay, Tachograph 15
8 Fuse for deflection of electrical consumers 30
9 Spare -
10 Right headlight (high beam) 10
11 Rear fog lamps, Instrument panel 7.5
12 Spare -
13 Spare -
14 Windshield wiper motor 20
15 Spare -
16 Central locking system for door locks 25
17 headlight washer 30
18 OBD2 On-Board Diagnostic Connector 2
19 Air suspension 5
20 Alarm, Diagnostic connector 15
21 Spare -
22 Anti-lock braking system (ABS) 2
23 Gudo 15
24 Right side light bulb, Lantern illuminated license plate 7.5
25 Spare -
26 Heated rear window 5
27 Left side lamps,
license plate
lights, backlight lamps for control switches and cigarette lighter
28 Spare  
29 Seat heating 15
30 Diesel stop solenoid valve,
Preheating system, Injection system.
31 Windshield wiper, washer 15
32 Right headlight (low beam) 10
33 Electric glass passenger door lifter 25
34 Brake lights, Reversing lights 20
35 Electric fan for air supply to the cab 20
36 Headlight washer timing relay, LH headlight (low beam), Instrument panel 10
37 Driver's door power window 25
38 Injection computer 7.5
39 Spare -
40 Audio System, Tachometer Relay, Diesel Heater Relay 20
41 Heating elements for outside rear-view mirrors 10
42 Outdoor lighting not switched off indicator, Instrument panel 15
43 Spare -
44 Renault Master cigarette lighter 25
45 Electric fan supplying air to the cab of the car with air conditioning 40
46 Heated rear window 40
Type 2 


No. Decoding Amps
F1 Engine ECU, Starter Relay, Diagnostic Connector 5
F2 UCH, first row cigarette lighter, central locking, heated rear window, idle speed control, rear fog light relay, air conditioning control panel, speed control, brake light switch, speed control, air suspension, headlight range control, heated windshield, Parking control ECU, speed controller, steering control ECU 10
F3 wiper and washer switch, UCH 30
F4 instrument panel, airbag ECU, tachograph 15
F5 brake light switch, alternator, reversing light switch, reversing light relay 15
F6 wiper and washer switch, windscreen wiper motor 15
F7 ABS, vehicle speed sensor 5
F8 Engine Cooling Fan Relay, A / C Compressor Relay, Diesel Heater Relay 15
F9 audio system, multifunction display, radiotelephone interface, central communication unit 10
F10 air conditioner control panel 30
F11 Cigarette lighter Renault Master 2 10
F12 socket for additional equipment 15
F13 Engine ECU relay 5
F14 left side light, left tail light, left license plate light, caravan connector, UCH, audio system, multifunction display 5
F15 right side light, left tail light, right license plate light, trailer connector, instrument panel 5
F16 left headlight (low beam), headlight range control switch 10
F17 right headlight (low beam) 10
F18 left headlight (high beam), instrument panel 10
F19 right headlight (high beam) 10
F20 rear Fog lamps, connector for connecting a caravan 10
F21 Horn 15
F22 heated exterior mirrors 5
F23 heated right rear window sidewall 20
F24 heated left rear window sidewall 20
F25 Not  
F26 Not  
F27 controlled suspension relay 5
F28 tachograph, instrument panel, alarm siren, diagnostic socket, anti-theft alarm sensor 15
F29 audio system, multifunction display, radiotelephone interface, central communication unit 10
F30 Not  
F31 shock sensor, UCH 5
F32 heating elements for front seats, switch for outside rearview mirrors 15
F33 driver's door power window switch, passenger door power window switch 20
F34 window lifter time relay 20
F35 diesel fuel heater 20
F36 alarm switch 15
F37 central locking switch 30
F38 Not  
F39 disconnection of electrical consumers (supply of fuses F27, F28, F29 and F31) 30

Relay panel


No. Component
A Relay + after ignition 1
B Not
C 4 speed of the interior fan
D Switching off the auxiliary heater
E Heated rear window and exterior mirrors

In the engine compartment

Fuse box

The mounting fuse box is on the left, near the rack.

No. Description of board A (777) Amps
1 passenger compartment fuse box power supply circuits, outdoor lighting and turn signal switch, ignition switch 70
2 air conditioner control panel 30
3 passenger compartment fuse box power supply circuit, turn signal exterior light switch 70
4 Not  
5 relay power circuit after ignition 1, rear window defogger relay, passenger compartment fuse box 70
6 air suspension relay 30
7 heated windscreen relay 70
8 ABS ECU power relay 60
No. Decoding board B (777) Amps
1 power supply circuit of the preheating unit 70
2 engine cooling fan 1, low speed cooling fan relay 50
3 Additional heating relay 1 30
4 ZD3 engine: Cooling fan relay 2 40
5 Additional heating relay 2 and 3 70
6 transmission pump assembly relay 30
No. Board A (597) Amps
1 engine chain 20
2 fuel pump relay 10
3 Not -
4 Injection computer 25
No. Board B (597) Amps
1 Additional heating relay 3/2/1 30
2 30
3 30
4 contact plate power supply circuit for bodywork 5
No. Relay modules  
R1 Air suspension relay  
R2 Running engine relay for G9T and G9U engines in 16-seat bus modification or for additional equipment  
R3 Heated windshield relay  
R4 Not  
R7 Engine cooling fan relay 2 on vehicles with air conditioning  
R8 Not  
R9 Additional heating relay 3  
R10a Not  
R10b Not  
R11 Additional heating relay 2  
R12 Engine ECU relay  
R13 Additional heating relay 1  
R14 Engine cooling fan relay 1 on vehicles with heating and air conditioning  
R15a A / C compressor relay  
R15b Diesel heater relay  

Power fuse panel

Located on the positive terminal of the battery.

No. Description Amps
F1 Cabin fuse box 40
F2 Power supply for the power circuit fuse box, starter, starting system 400
F3 injection computer power relay 40
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