Fuses and relays Skoda Superb (3T / 6B; 2008-2015)

Skoda Superb second generation B6 premiered at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show. The following year, the company presented the Superb Combi station wagon. The business class car replaced the first generation model and was produced until 2015. In this article we will understand in detail fuse box diagrams Skoda Superb (2nd generation; codename 3T / 6B) 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 years of manufacture.

Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Also, we will separately mark the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter and the fuel pump.

In the engine compartment

It is located near the battery. The protective cover must be removed for access.

General view.

Type 1


No. Description of fuses A
F1 Empty -
F2 DSG gearbox 5
F3 Multifunctional control unit 5
F4 ABS / ESP system 20 / 30
F5 DSG gearbox 15
F6 Spare 5
F7 Spare 40
F8 Spare 15
F9 Telephone 5
F10 Engine management 5 / 10
F11 Additional heater 20
F12 Diagnostic unit 5
F13 Engine management 15 / 30
F14 20
F15 Spare 5 / 10
F16 Multifunctional control unit 30
F17 Horn (beep) 15
F18 Audio amplifier 30
F19 Windshield wiper 30
F20 Spare 10 / 15 / 20
F21 Engine management 10 / 15
F22 Spare 5
F23 Spare 5 / 10 / 15
F24 Spare 10
F25 ABS / ESP system 30 / 40
F26 Multifunctional control unit 30
F27 Glow plugs 50
F28 Heated windshield 50
F29 Spare 50
1 Empty -
2 Empty -

Type 2


No. Decoding A
F1 Multifunctional control unit 30
F2 ABS / ESP system 20
F3 Empty -
F4 Empty -
F5 Horn 15
F6 Empty -
F7 Empty -
F8 Empty -
F9 Engine management 10
F10 Empty -
F11 Engine management 10
F12 10
F13 DSG gearbox 15
F14 Empty -
F15 Coolant pump 10
F16 Empty -
F17 Spare 5
F18 Audio amplifier 30
F19 Audio / navigation system 15
F20 Telephone 5
F21 Empty -
F22 Empty -
F23 Engine management 10
F24 Diagnostic unit 5
F25 Empty -
F26 Empty -
F27 Engine management 15
F28 15/20
F29 5
F30 Additional heater 20
F31 Windshield wiper 30
F32 Empty -
F33 Empty -
F34 Empty -
F35 Empty -
F36 Empty -
F37 Empty -
F38 Cooling fan motor control unit 10
F39 Spare 5/10
F40 Engine management 7.5 / 10
F41 10
F42 5/10
F43 30
F44 Empty -
F45 Empty -
F46 Empty -
F47 Multifunctional control unit 30
F48 ABS / ESP system 40
F49 Main ignition circuits -
F50 Empty -
F51 Empty -
F52 Auxiliary circuits 40
F53 Spare 50
F54 Empty -
1 Empty -
2 Coolant pump relay -
3 Empty -
4 Empty -

In the passenger compartment

Here there are two units responsible for the protection of the vehicle's electrical circuits.

Fuse box

It is located at the end of the dashboard. It can be accessed by removing a part of the trim.

General view of the Skoda Superb interior fuse box.

No. Description A
F1 Diagnostic connector, engine ECU, fuel pump relay, gasoline pump ECU 7.5
F2 ABS ECU, ESC, tire pressure monitoring indicator switch, brake sensor 5
F3 SRS System, Airbag Switch 5
F4 Service interval extension indicator, tail light, tinted mirror, pressure sensor, cell phone connection kit 5
F5 Headlight corrector and headlight tilt, parking assist system 5
F6 Instrument cluster, power steering, Haldex, selector lever lock, power supply for data bus, automatic transmission 5
F7 Engine management, Valve heater, Air flow meter 10
F8 Trailer control unit  
F9 Heater fan motor, Auxiliary heater and ventilation relay 5
F10 Headlight (left) 10
F11 Headlight (right) 10
F12 Spare 10
F13 Diagnostic connector, light switch, rain sensor, clock 7.5
F14 Central locking and luggage compartment lid 15
F15 interior lighting 7.5
F16 Climate control unit 7.5
F17 Spare 10
F18 Telephone 5
F19 Instrument cluster, wiper arm and turn signal switch 5
F21 Steering column lock 7.5
F22 Heater fan motor 40
F23 Front power windows, front door central locking 30
F24 Automatic transmission 5
F25 Rear window heater, autonomous heater and ventilation relay 25 / 30
F26 Accessory power socket, Luggage compartment socket 25
F28 Trunk lid/rear door opening actuator 30
F29 Automatic transmission, Haldex clutch 5 / 10 / 20
F30 Front seat ventilation system 5
F31 DVD-player 5
F32 Rear power windows, rear door central locking 30
F33 Electric sliding sunroof actuator 25
F34 Anti-theft system, alarm system, siren 5
F35 Accessory Power Connectors, Superb Cigarette Lighter Fuse (Front, Rear) 25
F36 Headlight washers 20
F37 Heated front seats 20
F38 Heated rear seats 20
F39 Rear window wiper 10
F40 Heater fan motor, auxiliary heater and ventilation relay 40
F41 Rear window wiper 10
F42 Light switch 5
F43 Trailer control unit 15
F44 20
F45 15
F46 Seat heating switch 5
F47 Telephone  
F48 Audio / navigation system 5
F49 Spare  

Additional relay box

It's located behind the glove compartment. It consists of 2 parts. The board above the central control unit and the board under the CCU.

Relay circuits (Type 1)
Top board
No. Description
D1 Independent heater relay (on models with independent auxiliary heater)
Relay for low heat output (for models with auxiliary resistance heater (RTS))
D2.1 Horn
D2.2 Fuel pump relay (for BUD, CGGA, BSE, BSF, CMXA, CHGA engines) / 
Additional fuel pump relay -J832- (for CLCA, CLCB, CFHF, CFHC, CEGA engines)
D3 Relay for high heat output (on models with optional resistance heater (RTS))
D3.1 Fresh air inlet fan (on models with independent auxiliary heater)
D3.2 Auxiliary heater fuel pump relay -J749- (on models with independent auxiliary heater)
D4 Starter
D5.1 Headlamp washers
D5.2 relay for heating element (at engine lettering CAYC)
Bottom board
No. Description
1 supply voltage relay (15) 
2 rear window heater relay
3 supply voltage relay (50)
starter relay 1
  • fuel pump relay (creating pressure in the power supply system) - (for the engine BUD, CGGA, BSE, BSF, CMXA, CHGA)
  • fuel pump relay (for diesel engines)
5 switching relay for contact X
Relay circuit (Type 2)
B4 supply voltage (30)
B5 rear window heater
B6 horn
B7 glass washer pump 1
B8 glass washer pump 2
B9 switching relay for X contact
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