Fuses and relays Toyota Previa / Estima (XR30/XR40; 2000-2006)

The second generation Toyota Previa (Estima), which hit the market in 2000, leads the way among minivans. The previous generation of the model differed from the current traditional front-wheel drive. The new generation is equipped with all-wheel drive with active control. In this material, we will analyze in detail the fuse diagrams of Toyota Previa / Estima 2nd generation (XR30 / XR40) 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 model year.

Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Separately, we note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter and fuel pump.

In the engine compartment

The layout of the mounting blocks in the engine compartment.

No. Component
1 Main fuse box (1MZ-FE engine)
2 Main fuse box (2AZ-FE engine)
3 Additional heater unit (2AZ-FE engine)
4 Power fuse board (2AZ-FE engine)
5 Left front SRS sensor
6 Power fuse board (1MZ-FE motor)
7 Fan motor relay unit (2AZ-FE engine)
8 right front SRS sensor.

Photo of location (2AZ-FE engine).

Fuse box

General view.

Code Decoding of fuses A
BLC Automatic air conditioner (dual zone) 10
CDS FAN Electric fan drive (models with 2AZ-FE engine) 30
RAD # 1 Audio system 15
Rear LCD
Multivision system
RAD # 3 Audio System (Multivision System) (10 Speaker Models) and Rear LCD 30
DOME Interior lamps, ignition lock lighting 10
CURTAIN RH Electric shutters 15
ECU-B Engine management system, electronic control system of automatic transmission and immobilizer system 10
Anti-lock braking system
TEMS system
Switching indication
Sliding door electric drive
Electric rear door
Rear door closing aid
central locking
Power windows
The warning system about the left in the ignition switch and the switched off lighting
Multiplex system
Electric sunroof
Instrument cluster
Audio system
Rear LCD
Multivision system
Reversing lamps
Interior lamps
Automatic air conditioner (dual zone)
Speed ​​Keeping System
HAZ-HORN Sound signal 20
Turn signal lamps and hazard warning lamps (flasher)
H-LP (LH) Headlamps (left, hight beam) 15
H-LP (LL) Headlamps (left, low beam) 15
H-LP (RH) Headlamps (models with xenon headlights) (right, hight beam) 15
H-LP (RL) Headlamps (models with xenon headlights) (right, low beam) 15
PTC1 Automatic air conditioner (dual zone) 50
PTC2 50
PTC3 50
EFI Engine management system, electronic control system of automatic transmission and immobilizer system 15
FR HTR Automatic air conditioner (dual zone) 40
VSC Anti-lock braking system (VSC models) 40
P / W RH Power windows 30
CURTAIN Electric shutters 5
R1 Headlamps relay
R2 Rear heater relay
R3 A / C clutch relay
R4 Horn relay
R5 Main relay of the injection system

Power block

General form.

Code Description A
ABS Anti-lock braking system (models without VSC) 25
Anti-lock braking system 40
ALT Charging system 140
Launch system
Marker lamps
ALT-S Charging system 5
AMI External consumers 100
AM2 Headlamps 80
AM 2-2 Launch system 30
FAN Fan electric drive 50
R1 Fan relay

Additional heater block


R1 Relay for auxiliary heater

In the passenger comparment

General arrangement of electrical equipment.

1 heater amplifier (models with air conditioning with manual control of release before 05.2003)
2 camera controller (models up to 05.2003)
3 camera controller (models from 05.2003 onwards)
4 central mounting block
5 electronic module of the parking system
6 electronic module of the cruise control system
7 driver side fuse box
8 buzzer
9 electronic ABS control module
10 air conditioning amplifier (models with manual air conditioning, manufactured before 05.2003)
11 lateral movement sensor and deceleration sensor (models up to 05.2003)
12 electronic control unit SRS
13 navigation system electronic unit
14 lateral movement sensor and deceleration sensor (models from 05.2003)
15 TV tuner (models 05.2001 - 05.2003)
16 Engine ECU
17 Passenger side fuse box
18 TV tuner (models up to 05.2001)
19 heater relay

There are two blocks here - one behind the glove compartment on the driver's side and the other on the passenger's side.

On the driver's side

Photo - an example of block placement from the driver's side.

No. Description A
1 STOP - Stop lamps 15
2 GAUGE - Instrument panel, alarm 10
3 A / C - Air conditioner 7.5
4 IGN - SRS, ECT 15
5 ECU-IG - Multi AV-Station, cruise control 15
6 WIP - Windscreen wiper 30
7 CIG - Electric mirrors, cigarette lighter fuse preview / estima 15/30
8 AM1 - Power circuit relay 7.5
9 OBD II - Diagnostic connector 7.5

On the passenger's side

An additional block is located behind the glove compartment.

Code Description A
MET Instrument cluster 30
TAIL (R) Side lamps (right headlight) 7.5
FOG Fog lamps 15
TAIL (L) Side lamps (left headlight) 7.5
DEF Heated rear window 20
Connector for additional equipment 15
T / M Reversing lamps 10
l / UP EATING 10
DOOR Door drive 30
R1 Main power relay
R2 Fog lamp relay
R3 Heated rear window relay
R4 ACC relay
R5 Fuel pump relay Toyota Previa / Estima
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