Fuses and relays Toyota RAV4 (XA20 / CA20; 2000-2006)

Most of the power circuits of the Japanese crossover electrical equipment are protected by fuses. Powerful current consumers are connected via relays. Most of the protective elements are located in the mounting blocks located in the passenger compartment and under the hood.

Information on the diagrams is suitable for the 2nd generation Toyota RAV4 models (bodies CA20 / XA20) 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 with 1AZ-FSE engines (2.0 l D-4), 1ZZ- FE (1.8 L).

In the engine compartment

Block "A" is on the driver's side, block "B" on the passenger side. Both are covered with plastic covers.

Block "A"

General view.

No. Decoding A
1 ALT-S charging system 5
2 Mass Air Flow Sensor A / F * 2 20
C / OPN * 1  
3 Fuel injection system, "EFI2" and "EFI3" fuse circuit 20
4 Fuse chain "RADIO" and "DOME" 30
5 Siren 10
6 Fuel injection system EFI2 5
7 ABS system 30
8 Clock, spot light, air conditioning system, ignition switch light, fog lamps, instrument cluster, remote lock 10
9 Fuse chain "H-LP RH" and "H-LP LH" 30
10 Fuel injection system, emission control system 10
11 Audio system 15
12 Air conditioning system 5
13 Starting system, IGN fuel injection system 15
14 ETCS system * 1 15
15 Left headlamp 10
16 Right headlamp 10
17 IGN engine management system * 1 10
18 ST start system 5
Note : * 1 - models with 1AZ-FSE engine, * 2 - models with 1ZZ-FE engines
Relay and additional fuses in block A
No. Appointment
R1 Engine control unit (EFI MAIN)
R2 Cooling fan (FAN NO.3)
R3 Ignition (IG2)
R4 Cooling fan (FAN NO.2)
R5 Air Fuel Ratio (A / F) Sensor
R6 Cooling fan (FAN NO.2)
R7 Fuel pump (C / OPN)
R8 Heater (HTR)
R9 Starter (ST)
R10 Daytime running lights (DRL)
R11 Engine contol module
R12 Empty
1 Battery discharge indicator, multiport fuel injection system / sequential multiport fuel injection system, starting system, airbags, fuse: IG2 30A
2 Air conditioner / heater 40A
  • Headlight cleaners 30A
  • Fuel heating 30A
4 Cooling fan 30A
5 ABS system 40A / 50A
6 Cooling fan 30A
7 Launch system

Block "B"


No. Appointment A
1 ABS system 7.5

General arrangement

General arrangement of electrical modules in the engine compartment.

1 Main fuse and relay box
2 Headlight wiper relay
3 Block B (ABS control)
4 Left Hand Drive : High Power Fuse Board
5 Right Hand Drive : High Power Fuse Board

In the passenger compartment

Located on the driver's side, at the bottom of the dashboard.

To access, you need to flip the protective cover.

General view of the block.

No. Description A
1 Brake lights, ABS system, automatic transmission control system, fuel injection system 10
2 Cigarette lighter fuse ra4 15
3 Sockets for connecting additional devices 15
4 Seat heaters 10
5 Instrument Cluster Gauges and Indicators, Fog Lights and Lights, Seat Heaters, Instrument Cluster Lights, Air Conditioning 7.5
6 Fog lamps 15
7 Sound signal (horn) 10
8 Tail lamps, license plate illumination, instrument cluster illumination, headlamp position correction system 7.5
9 Fuse chain "TAIL" and "PANEL" 15
10 Audio system, clock, electric mirrors, automatic transmission control system 7.5
11 Rear door glass heater 20
12 GAUGE: Reversing light, electric fans of the cooling and air conditioning system, automatic transmission indicators, charging system 10
13 OBD diagnostic system 7.5
14 IGN2: Battery Charge Indicator, SRS 10
15 Central locking, double locking system 20
16 Defroster for side mirrors 10
17 Rear door glass cleaner and washer 15
18 Windshield wiper and washer 25
19 ECU-IG: Hazard warning lights, gauges and indicators in instrument cluster, ABS system, headlight washer system, SRS system, automatic transmission control system 10
1 Sunroof, windows 30
2 Sockets, heated rear window, fuses: "ACC", "CIG", "ECU IG", "GAUGE", "RR WIP", "S − HTR" and "WIP" 40
Relay modules on the back of the unit

Photo is an example.

No. Description
R1 Horn
R2 Rear fog lamps (RR FOG)
R3 Heated rear window (DEF)
R4 Sockets (PWR OUTLET)
R5 Power windows, sunroof (PWR)

General arrangement

General arrangement of the electrical equipment of the passenger compartment.

1 Fuse box
2 Left hand drive: Side light relay
3 Key transponder amplifier
4 Air conditioner amplifier
5 Engine and transmission control unit (automatic transmission)
6 Engine control unit (manual transmission)
7 Distribution block
9 Central airbag unit
10 Selector lever lock control unit
11 Turn signal relay (alarm)
1 Relay and sunroof control unit
2 Rear wiper relay
3 Central locking receiver
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