Fuses and relays Volkswagen ID.3 (E11; 2019 - 2023)

This material examines in detail the fuse diagrams of Volkswagen ID.3 (first generation): 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 model years.

Fuse F48 in the passenger compartment unit is responsible for protecting the electrical circuit of the USB socket.

In the engine compartment

Component location:
1. Main unit;
2. Power fuse links.

Main fuse box

To access it, you need to release the latches and remove the protective cover.

No. Description Amp
F1 Not involved -
F2 ABS system 7.5
F3 Motor power and control electronics / Voltage converter 10
F4 Front left headlight 30
F5 Front right headlight 30
F6 Adaptive cruise control 7.5
F7 Passenger's side windshield wiper motor 30
F8 Not involved -
F9 Horn 15
F10 Driver's side wiper motor 30
F11 Air conditioning relay 7.5
F12 Engine Sound Generator Module 1 7.5
F13 ABS system 25
F14 Not involved -
F15 ABS system 40
F16 Radiator fan 50
F17 Heated windshield 40
F18 Not involved -
F19 Not involved -
F20 Not involved -
F21 Not involved -
F22 Not involved -
F23 The engine control unit 10
F24 Radiator fan 5
F25 PTC / High Voltage Battery Heating Element 3 Coolant Pump 10
F26 Radiator motor, Low temperature coolant pump 10
F27 Not involved -
F28 Not involved -
F29 Not involved -
F30 Not involved -
F31 Not involved -
F32 Brake booster 50
R1 Main relay
R2 Not involved
R3 Horn relay
R4 Not involved
R5 Not involved
R6 Air conditioning relay

Power fuse links

A panel consisting of high-power fuse links is located near the positive terminal of the battery.

No. Purpose Amp
508 Battery -
SA1 Voltage transformer 350
SA2 Power steering control unit, Battery control unit 80
SA3 Fuse box in the passenger compartment 100
SA4 Fuse holder 100
SA5 Empty -
SA6 Fuse box in the engine compartment 125

In the passenger compartment

Fuse box location:

Vehicles with left-hand drive.

Volkswagen ID.3 models with right-hand drive.

Photo is an example.

No. Description Amp
F1 Empty -
F2 Airbags -J234- 15
F3 Trailer detector -J345- 25
F4 Front camera for driver assistance systems -R242- 7.5
F5 On-board network -J519- 20
F6 On-board network -J519- 30
F7 Air conditioning and heater -J979- 30
F8 Adjusting the sliding roof -J245- 15
F9 Driver's door control unit -J386- 1), 
Rear passenger's side window regulator -V472- 2), 
Driver's rear rear window regulator -V471- 1), 
Front passenger's door control unit -J387- 2)
F10 Rear light combination left -MX3- 10
F11 Trailer detector control unit -J345- 15
F12 Empty -
F13 On-board network -J519- 40
F14 Digital audio system -J525- 30
F15 Empty -
F16 Empty -
F17 Lane change assist -J769-;
Parking assistance control unit -J446-;
Driver's side exterior mirror -VX4-:
  • Indicator lamp for lane change assist in left exterior mirror -K312- 1)
  • Indicator lamp for lane change assist in the right exterior mirror -K311- 2)

Exterior rear view mirror, passenger side -VX5-:

  • Indicator lamp for lane change assist in left exterior mirror -K312- 1)
  • Indicator lamp for lane change assist in the right exterior mirror -K311- 2)
F18 Electronic steering column lock control module -J764-, Engine entry and start system interface -J965-, Anti-theft modules (-J1192-, -J1193-, -J1193-, -J1194-, -J1195-), Chip reader module- card -J676- 5
F19 Driver information system display control unit -J1254-, Emergency call module control and communication unit -J949- 5
F20 USB charging socket 1 -U41-, Telephone holder -R126-, Transmission stabilization control unit -R308- 10
F21 Rear cover handle -EX37-, Top view camera control unit -J928- 7.5
F22 Engine control unit -J623- 10
F23 Internet access control unit -J666- 5
F24 Rear light combination right -MX4- 10
F25 Front left seat belt -NX10- 25
F26 Rear window lift motor -V472- 1), Driver's rear window motor -V471- 2), Passenger's door control unit -J387- 1), Driver's door control unit -J386- 2) 30
F27 Front right seat belt -NX11- 25
F28 Connector for high-voltage system service, Battery regulation control unit -J840-, Voltage converter -A19- 10
F29 Trailer detector -J345- 15
F30 Information electronics control unit 1 -J794- 20
F31 Trailer detector -J345- 25
F32 On-board network -J519- 25
F33 Empty -
F34 Heating and air conditioning -J979- 15
F35 Empty -
F36 Fresh air fan -J126- 40
F37 Empty -
F38 Adjusting the front seats 7.5
F39 Steering column electronics control unit -J527- 15
F40 Horn -H12- 10
F41 Data bus diagnostic interface -J533- 5
F42 Empty -
F43 Vehicle interior temperature sender -G1090-, Heated rear window relay -J9-, Interior carbon dioxide sensor -G929- 7.5
F44 Anti-theft alarm sensor -G578-, Rain and light sensor -G397-, Lighting control panel -EX59-, Power window control panel -EX31-, Front center switch module -EX22-, Diagnostic connector -U31-, Front interior light - WX1-, Dynamic light strip 1 for information on the front panel -L385- 7.5
F45 Steering column electronics control unit -J527- 5
F46 Head-up display control unit -J898-, Front information display -J685- 10
F47 from July 2020: Special control unit with built-in sensors that detect vibrations, tilts and body roll. -J250- 10
F48 USB charging port 1 -U37- 10
F49 Empty -
F50 Empty -
F51 Empty -
F52 12V socket 3, cigarette lighter fuse -U19- 20
F53 Empty -
F54 Empty -
F55 Empty -
F56 Empty -
F57 Empty -
F58 Chip card reader control unit -J676- 7.5
F59 Automatically dimming interior mirror -Y7-, Socket relay -J807- 7.5
F60 Diagnostic connector -U31- 7.5
F61 Motor power and control electronics -JX1- 5
F62 Empty -
F63 Empty -
F64 Empty -
F65 Empty -
F66 Rear window wiper motor -V12- 15
F67 Heated rear window -Z1- 30
R1 USB socket relay
R2 Relay for supplying voltage to terminal -15 -
R3 Heated rear window relay
1) Models with left-hand drive;
2) Models with right-hand drive.

There are several separate fuses near the main unit.

A - Driver's seat adjustment 15A;
B - Front passenger seat adjustment 15A.

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