Fuses and relays Volkswagen ID.4 / ID.5 (E21 / E39; 2020 - 2024)

This material examines in detail the fuse diagrams of Volkswagen ID.4 and ID.5 (first generation; body brands E21 and E39; MEB platform): 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 model years.

Fuses F48 and F52 in the passenger compartment unit are responsible for protecting the electrical circuit of the USB socket and cigarette lighter.

In the passenger compartment

The mounting block is located under the dashboard on the left side.

Photo is an example of placement for a left-hand drive car.

Photo is an example of placement for a right-hand drive car.

Access example.

No. Description Amp
F1 Empty -
F2 Airbag control module 15
F3 Trailer Detector Control Module 25
F4 Front camera for driver assistance systems 7.5
F5 On-board power supply control module (left exterior lighting) 25
F6 On-board network control module (interior lighting) 30
F7 Heater and air conditioning control module (heated seats) 30
F8 Sunroof adjustment control module 15
  • Driver's door and driver's rear door control module (For left-hand drive models)
  • Front passenger door and rear passenger side door control module (For right-hand drive models)
F10 Center tail light unit, Left tail light 10
F11 Trailer Detector Control Module 15
F12 Empty -
F13 On-board network control module (central locking) 40
F14 Digital Audio Control Module 30
F15 Empty -
F16 Empty -
F17 Lane Change Control Module, Parking Assist Control Module 5
F18 Power trunk release control unit, Mobile entry and start authorization control unit, Entry and start system interface, Engine sound generator module 2, Electronic steering column lock control unit 5
F19 Control unit with driver information system display, emergency call system control module and communication unit 5
F20 USB Connection 1, Transmission Stabilization Control Unit, Telephone Bracket 7.5 / 10
F21 Top View Camera Control Unit, Rear Cover Handle 7.5
F22 Motor control unit 10
F23 Internet access system control module 5
F24 Central rear light unit, Right rear light group 10
F25 Front left seat belt 25
  • Driver's door and rear door control unit on driver's side (For right-hand drive models)
  • Front passenger door and rear passenger side door control unit (For left-hand drive models)
F27 Front right seat belt 25
F28 High Voltage Service Connector, Battery Regulation Control Unit 10
F29 Trailer detector control unit 15
F30 Information electronics control unit 1 20 / 25
F31 Trailer detector control unit 25
F32 On-board power supply control unit (right exterior lighting) 25
F33 Empty -
F34 Heating and air conditioning control unit 15
F35 Heated rear seats 40
F36 Supply air fan control module 40
F37 Rear Cover Control Module 30
F38 Front seat adjustment control module 7.5
F39 Steering column electronics control unit 15
F40 Sound signal 7.5 / 10
F41 Data bus diagnostic interface 5
F42 Empty -
F43 Carbon dioxide concentration sensor in the cabin, Cabin temperature sensor, heated rear window relay, Control and display unit for the rear air conditioning system 7.5
F44 Light switch (low beam), Driver's door power window control unit, Diagnostic connection. Background lighting, Light ID, Light and rain sensor 7.5
F45 Steering column electronics control unit 5
F46 Head-up display control unit, front information display unit and control unit control unit 7.5 / 10
F47 Electronically controlled damping control module 10
F48 USB 5V charging port 1 7.5 / 10
F49 Empty -
F50 Empty -
F51 Empty -
F52 Cigarette lighter socket 12V No. 3 20
F53 Empty -
F54 Empty -
F55 Empty -
F56 Empty -
F57 Empty -
F58 Control unit for mobile entry and start authorization system 7.5
F59 Cigarette lighter socket relay, Auto-dimming interior mirror, Seat occupied recognition control unit 7.5
F60 Diagnostic connector 7.5
F61 Electric drive power and control electronics 5
F62 Empty -
F63 Empty -
F64 Empty -
F65 Empty -
F66 Rear window wiper motor 15
F67 Heated rear window, FM modulation frequency filter 30
R1 Relay for sockets
R2 Relay for supplying voltage to terminal 15
R3 Heated rear window relay

In the engine compartment

Placement of components:
1 - power fuse links;
2 - main fuse block.

Power block

Consists of high-power fuses located on the positive terminal of the battery.

No. Description Amp
508 Battery -
SA1 Voltage transformer 350
SA2 Power Steering Control Module, Battery Monitor Control Module 80
SA3 Fuse box in the passenger compartment 100
SA4 100
SA5 Empty -
SA6 Main fuse box under the hood 125

Main unit

Access example.

No. Description Amp
R1 Main relay
R2 Heated windshield relay
R3 Horn relay
R4 Empty
R5 Empty
R6 Air conditioning relay
F1 Empty
F2 ABS system 7.5
F3 Motor power and control electronics, Charger 1 for high-voltage battery 10
F4 Front left headlight 30
F5 Front right headlight 30
F6 Adaptive cruise control system 7.5
F7 Front right windshield wipers 30
F8 Empty -
F9 Horn (sound signal) 15
F10 Front left windshield wipers, Wiper motor control module 30
F11 Air conditioning relay 7.5
F12 Engine Sound Generator Module 1 7.5
F13 ABS system 25
F14 Empty -
F15 ABS system 40
F16 Radiator fan 50
F17 Heated windshield 40
F18 Empty -
F19 Empty -
F20 Empty -
F21 Empty -
F22 Empty -
F23 The engine control unit 10
F24 Radiator fan 5
F25 PTC 3 Heating Element, High Voltage Battery Coolant Pump 10
F26 Radiator shutter control motor, Coolant pump for low temperature circuit 10
F27 Empty -
F28 Empty -
F29 Empty -
F30 Empty -
F31 Empty -
F32 Brake booster 50
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