Chery Bonus 3 (A19; 2014 - 2018) - fuses and relays

This material discusses in detail the fuse diagrams of the car Chery Bonus 3 (first generation / index A19): 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 of release.

Fuse number RF17 in the passenger compartment is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

In the cabin

The fuse box is located at the end of the instrumentation on the driver's side. To gain access, the end cover must be removed.

No. Description
R1 Fan relay
R2 Rear defroster relay
R3 Rear fog lamp relay
RF01 Dashboard
RF02 Airbag
RF03 Air conditioning control panel / Diagnostic system / BCM
RF04 Control block
RF05 ABS system
RF06 Spare
RF07 windshield wiper
RF08 windshield wiper
RF09 Electric outside rearview mirror
RF16 Audio / Fan Relay Coil / BCM
RF17 Cigarette Lighter Cherie Bonus 3
RF19 Spare
RF20 Spare
RF21 Stoplight switch / Ignition switch
RF22 Rear fog lamp
RF23 Rear window heating
RF24 Spare
RF25 Air conditioning control panel
RF26 Spare

In the engine compartment

The fuse box is located on the left side of the engine compartment.

General form.

No. Description
EF01 High Beam Headlight - Left
EF02 High Beam Headlight - Right
EF03 Dipped beam headlight - left
EF04 Dipped beam headlight - right
EF05 Fuse box and relay in the passenger compartment
EF06 ABS pump
EF07 Fan
EF08 Spare
EF09 Egnition lock
EF10 Spare
EF13 Starter
EF14 Spare
EF15 Front and rear oxygen sensor
EF16 Ignition coil
EF17 Control block
  • Adsorber
  • Fuel pump
  • Fan High/Low Speed ​​Relay
EF20 Nozzle
EF21 Fuel pump fuse
EF22 High fan speed
EF23 Low fan speed
EF24 Capacitor
EF25 Spare
EF26 Spare
EF28 Spare
EF31 Anti-fog headlight
EF32 Spare
EF33 Dashboard / Audio system
EF34 Spare
EF35 Control block
R1 Relay low beam headlights
R2 High Beam Relay
R3 Fuel pump relay
R4 Spare
R5 Main
R6 Starter
R7 A/C Clutch Relay
R8 Fan relay (low speed)
R9 Fog lamp relay
R10 Spare
R11 Fan relay (high speed)
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