Chery Tiggo 4 (T19/T17; 2017 - 2023) - fuses and relays

This material discusses in detail the fuse diagrams of the Chery Tiggo car (first generation): 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 of release.

Fuses number RF27 and RF28 in the cabin block are responsible for the cigarette lighter sockets.

In the passenger compartment

The mounting block is located on the driver's side, behind the dashboard trim. To access:

1. Remove the end cap.

2. Turn off two fixing screws and remove facing.

Access example.

No. Description Amps
RRLY 01 Backup relay
RRLY 02 Reversing lamp for ISS
RRLY 03 Heated rear window relay
RF01 Comfort Unit, Dashboard/Instrument Cluster Control Unit, Immobilizer (BCM & ICM & IMMO) 10
RF02 Not involved  
RF03 Steering wheel angle sensor, EPS (EPS & SAM) 10
RF04 Not available or on some trims -360 Surround Vision System, Blind Spot Detection System, Multimedia System, Vehicle Proximity Warning Radar (AVM & BSD & MPC & MRR) 10
RF05 Airbags, system control unit (AIR BAG) 10
RF06 Not involved -
RF07 A/C Control Panel, Head Unit Control Panel, Headlight Leveling Switch Power, Sunroof Control Switch (SEE NOTE) 10
RF08 Not involved -
RF09 Radio, head unit control unit, air conditioning and heater control panel (RADIO & AC & T-BOX) 10
RF10 Front panel control unit, rain sensor (ICM & Rain Sensor) 10
RF11 Not involved -
RF12 Not involved -
RF13 Not involved -
RF14 Not involved  
RF15 Diagnostics, Tracker Unit, Key in Signal Position, Remote Control Mode, Heating Relay Coil (DIAGNOSIS & VTM & KEYIN & EPB SW) 7.5
RF16 USB charging unit, usb port 10
RF17 Not involved -
RF18 Heated side mirrors with electric adjustment (left and right), Feedback of the operation of the rear window heating / heating system (MIRROR HEATER) 10
RF19 PEPS keyless entry and start system, 4WD system, ECU and DC-DC (ISS) start-stop system (PEPS&DC(ISS)) 10
RF20 Seat adjustment, power seats (SEAT ADJ) 30
RF21 AM2 circuit when starting the engine (on a car without a PEPS keyless entry system) (IGN SW2) 10
RF22 Not engaged or ignition position 1 (IGN SW1) 20
RF23 reversing lights 10/15
RF24 Heated rear window, relay 03 30
RF25 Not involved -
RF26 Head unit control unit, left and right mirror adjustment actuator, BCM unit, sunroof (RADIO & BCM & MIRROR ADJ & SUN) 10
RF27 Cigarette lighter fuse Chery Tiggo T4 15
RF28 Cigarette Lighter / Power Outlet (SPARE POWER) 15

In the engine compartment

There are two blocks responsible for protecting the electrical circuits of the car.

Power fuses

Located at the end of the main unit.

No. Purpose Amps
1 Generator 150
2 Cooling fan low speed 40
3 High speed radiator fan 50
4 Electric Power Steering (EPS) 80
5 Fuse box in the cabin 60

Fuse box

Located near the battery.

General form.

No. Description Amps
ERLY 01 Auxiliary (ACC)
ERLY 02 High Beam Relay (HIGH BEAM)
ERLY 03 Ignition (IGN)
ERLY 04 Low Beam Relay (LOW BEAM)
ERLY 05 Engine Management System (EMS)
ERLY 06 Vacuum pump
ERLY 07 reversing lights
ERLY 08 Low speed wiper blades
ERLY 09 High Speed ​​Wiper
ERLY 10 Transmission control unit (TCU) relay
ERLY 12 Air Conditioning Compressor Electromagnetic Clutch (AC Clutch)
ERLY 13 Fuel Pump Relay (FUEL PUMP)
ERLY 14 High fan speed radiator (engine cooling system) (FAN HIGH)
ERLY 15 Stove / heater fan (BLOWER)
ERLY 16 Starter (START)
ERLY 17 Fog lights
ERLY 18 Low fan speed radiator (engine cooling system) (FAN LOW)
EF01 Heated / heated seats (SEAT HEAT) 20
EF02 Electronic Steering Column Lock (ESCL) 15
EF03 High beam - left headlight, power supply (L HIGH BEAM) 10
EF04 High beam - right headlight, powered (R HIGH BEAM) 10
EF05 Ignition Power IGN1 (IGN POWER) 15
EF06 Dynamic Stability Control and ABS Brake System (ESP/ABS) 7.5
EF07 ECU, transmission control unit, brake light switch and reverse gear limit switches (ECU & TCU & Brake SW) 7.5
EF08 A/C Compressor Tube Pressure Switch and Parking Assist Control (AC SW & Radar) 10
EF09 Generator excitation winding (ALT EXC) 7.5
EF10 BCM Comfort Unit - Power 5 (BCM POWER5) 25
EF11 BCM Comfort Unit - Power 6 (BCM POWER6) 25
EF12 On Relay 16 - vacuum pump relay (VACUUM PUMP) 20
EF13 Heated front and rear oxygen sensors (O2 SNSR) 15
EF14 Ignition Coil (IGN COIL) 15
EF15 Memory module (Memory Fuse) 15
EF16 Comfort unit BCM - Power 4 (Power4) 25
EF17 Sunroof (SUNROOF) 30
EF18 BCM - Power 5 (Power5) 25
EF19 On relay 10 - transmission control, TCU unit (TCU) 10
EF20 Fog lights, relay 17 (FOG Lamp) 15
EF21 Comfort unit BCM - Power 3 (Power3) 20
EF22 On relay 11 - horn, relay 04 - dipped beam, Relay 02 - high beam, Relay 05 - engine management system EMS (COIL) 10
EF23 comfort unit BCM - Power 6 (Power6) 25
EF24 Stop lights 10
EF25 Signal / horn, klaxon (HORN) 15
EF26 Engine control unit ECU and transmission control unit TCU (ECU/TCU) 7.5/10
EF27 Reserve  
EF28 Reversing lights, relay 07 10
EF29 Wipers and Washer (on relay 08 - low wiper speed and relay 09 - high wiper speed) (WIPER) 30
EF30 A/C Compressor Clutch, Relay 12 (AC Clutch) 10
EF31 Fuel pump fuse 15
EF32 Spare  
EF33 Dipped beam - left headlight 15
EF34 Dipped beam - right headlight 15
EF35 Electrical thermostat, VVT valve control system, EGR valve, EVAP valve 15
EF36 Adaptive transmission control system (selected models) 10
EF37 electronic engine control unit (ECU) 7.5/10
EF38 Cylinder 1, 2, 3, 4 injectors (INJECTOR) 15
EF39 empty  
EF40 Air conditioning stove fan, relay 15 (BLOWER RLY Coil) 7.5
SB01 Dynamic Stability Control and ABS Brake System (ESP/ABS) 25/40
SB02 BCM comfort unit - power supply 2 (BCM Power2) 30
SB03 Robotic Transmission (DCT) 30
SB04 BCM comfort unit - power supply 1 (BCM Power1) 30
SB05 Heated windshield / windshield (Windshield Heat2) 50
SB06 Stove fan, interior heater and air conditioner, on relay 15 (BLOWER) 30
SB07 Starter 30
SB08 Dynamic Stability Control and ABS Brake System (ESP/ABS) 40
SB09 Accessories (ACC) 30
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