Fuses and relays Chevrolet Lacetti (J200), 2004 - 2013

Most of the electrical power circuits of the American sedan, station wagon and hatchback are protected by fuses. Powerful current consumers are connected via relays. Protective elements are installed in mounting blocks, which are located under the hood and in the passenger compartment.

The information on the diagrams is relevant for the Chevrolet Lacetti (J200) 1st generation 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 models.

On the covers of the mounting boxes, the fuse layout, current rate and symbols of the protected circuits are marked.

In the engine compartment  

The fuse box is located on the left side of the engine compartment between the reservoir and the battery. To access it, you must remove the protective cover.

No. Descripion
1 Illumination of devices and controls / 96190187
2 Sound signal / 96190187
3 Main relay / ignition relay / 96190189
4 Block headlights / 96190189
5 Fog lights / 96190187 
6 Air conditioning compressor clutch / 96190187
7 Fuel pump relay / Fuel pump, ignition coils / 96190189
8 Power windows / 96190189
9 Engine cooling fan (low speed) / 96190189
10 Heated rear window / 96190189
11 Engine cooling fan (high speed) / 96190189
Fuses and the circuits they protect
No. Amps Description
BUT - Tweezers for removing fuses
Ef1 30 Hazard alarm, anti-theft control unit, diagnostic socket, rear fog lights, clock, air conditioning, air conditioning switch, audio system, immobilizer, automatic transmission control unit
Ef2 60 ABS control unit, ABS executive unit
Ef3 30 Air conditioner fan
Ef4 30 Power windows, power mirrors, starter
Ef5 30 Fuel pump activation relay, electronic engine control unit, exhaust gas recirculation valve, ignition system, fuel pump, fuel vapor recovery system purge valve. engine cooling fan
Ef6 20 Engine cooling fan (low speed)
Ef7 30 Heated rear window
Ef8 30 Engine cooling fan (high speed)
Ef9 20 Power windows (except driver's door)
Efl0 15 Fuel pump ON relay, ECM, EGR valve, ignition system
Efl1 10 Main relay power supply circuit
Efl2 25 Headlights, illumination of devices and controls
Efl3 15 Brake signal
Efl4 20 Power windows (driver's door)
Efl5 15 High beam headlights
Ef16 15 Sound signal
Ef17 10 Air Conditioning Compressor A / C
Ef18 15 Fuel pump power supply circuit
Ef19 15 Instrument cluster, horn switch, electric folding mirrors, individual lighting, interior lighting, trunk lighting, dates and to the open tailgate
Ef20 10 Low beam (left headlight)
Ef21 15 EVAP canister purge valve, heated oxygen sensor, engine cooling fan
Ef22 15 Nozzles, waste can recirculation system
Ef23 10 License plate lights, hazard warning lights, rear light, headlamp unit (left side)
Ef24 15 Fog lights
Ef25 10 Electric drive and heated rear-view mirrors
Ef26 15 Central locking system
Ef27 10 Low beam (right headlight)
Ef28 10 License plate lights, hazard warning lights, tail light, headlamp unit (right side)
Ef29 10 Spare
Ef30 15 Spare
Ef31 10 Spare

In the passenger compartment

Fuse box

Located on the left side at the end of the dashboard. Access is by opening the left front door and removing the fuse panel cover.

No. Amps / Description
F1 10A AIRBAG - Electronic airbag control unit
F2 10A ECM - Electronic engine control unit, electronic control unit for automatic transmission *, generator, vehicle speed sensor
F3 15A TURN SIGNAL - Hazard switch, direction indicators
F4 10A CLUSTER - Instrument panel, electronic unit for automatic switching on of low beam headlights *, buzzer, brake signal switch, electronic steering gear control unit with variable effort *, air conditioner switch *
F5 Reserve
F6 10А ENG FUSE - Relay for turning on the air conditioner compressor, relay for turning on the heated rear window, relay for turning on electric windows, relay for turning on headlights
F7 20A HVAC - Relay for turning on the electric air conditioner fan, air conditioner switch, climate control system *
F8 15A SUNROOF - Electric mirrors switch, electric folding mirrors *, electric sunroof *
F9 25А WIPER - Wiper gear motor, wiper mode switch
F10 10А HANDS FREE - Speakerphone
F11 10A ABS - ABS control unit. ABS executive unit
F12 10А IMMOBILIZER - Immobilizer, electronic anti-theft alarm control unit, rain sensor
F13 10A Automatic transmission control unit *
F14 15A HAZARD - Alarm switch
F15 15A ANTI-THEFT - Electronic anti-theft alarm control unit
F16 10A DIAGNOSIS - Diagnostic connector
F17 10A AUDIO / CLOCK - Audio system, clock
F18 15А EXTRA JACK - Additional socket
F19 15A CIGAR LIGHTER - Cigarette lighter fuse
F20 10A BACK-UP - Reversing light switch, automatic transmission mode selector *
F21 15А REAR FOG - Relay for turning on rear fog lamps, relay for lighting devices and controls, side lighting
F22 15A ATC / CLOCK - Clock, climate control system *, air conditioner switch *
F23 15A AUDIO - Audio system
F24 10А IMMOBILIZER - Immobilizer

Additional relay modules

To get to them you need to open the coin box and unscrew two screws with a screwdriver

Further, overcoming the resistance of the three clips, remove the lower trim from the instrument panel with the clips

Then, pressing the latch. We release the handle of the drive of the hood lock and remove the lower lining. The relays are located on a bracket fixed to the dashboard frame.

We reach the modules by hand.

Relay circuit under the dashboard

Purpose of components : 1 - battery protection system control unit; 2 - interrupter of direction indicators; 3 - relay for turning on the fog light in the rear lights; 4 - starter blocking relay (for cars with an automatic transmission). Depending on the vehicle configuration, (BLOWER RELAY) - air conditioner fan relay, (DRL RELAY) - forced headlight system relay are also installed there.

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