Fuses Citroen C6 (TD), 2005 - 2012

In 1999 at the Geneva Motor Show Citroen presented a futuristic concept C6 Lignage, many design and technical solutions of which were embodied in the production model of the flagship sedan E-class Citroen C6. However, the process of introducing the novelty into production was somewhat delayed - production began only in 2005. In this article we will understand in detail fuse box diagrams Citroen C6 (body TD) 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2010, 2011 and 2012 years of manufacture.

Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Also, we will separately mark the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter and the fuel pump.

In the luggage compartment

It's behind the trim on the left.

For access:
1. Pull back the trim on the left side.
2. Pull aside the electrical cables.
3. Open the unit.

General view of the Citroen C6 trunk fuse box.

No. Description A
1 Fuel filler flap 15
3 -  
4 Adjustable deflector 15
5 Electrically heated rear window 40
G36 Electric heated rear left seat (Pack Lounge) 15/25
G37 Electric heated rear right seat (Pack Lounge) 15/25
G38 Electrically adjustable rear seats (Pack Lounge) 30
G39 Rear cigarette lighter fuse - Rear 12V power outlet 30
G40 Electric parking brake 25

In the passenger compartment

Located on the driver's side (left-hand drive) or behind the glove box (right-hand drive).

To access, open the glove box and then remove the cover.

No. Description A
Top board
G29 Tire pressure sensors - 6-CD changer 5
G30 Diagnostic connector 5
G31 Telematics facilities by importing country 5
G32 Amplifier 25
G33 Hydraulic suspension system 10
G34 Automatic transmission 15
G35 Electrically heated front passenger seat 15
G36 Heated driver's seat 15
G37 Empty -
G38 Power driver's seat 30
G39 Empty -
G40 Power passenger seat 30
Bottom board
F1   -
F2   -
F3 Airbags 5
F4 Brake system - Anti-trap bonnet  - Speed limiter - Cruise control - Rear view mirror with polarization function - Diagnostic socket - Multifunction screen tilt actuator 10
F5 Front Power Windows - Sunroof 30
F6 Rear power windows 30
  • Interior and glove compartment lighting
  • Rear cigarette lighter
F8 Steering wheel mounted control keys - Display - Window opening (Micro window release function) - Alarm system - Car stereo 20
F9 Front cigarette lighter fuse Citroen C6 30
  • Luggage compartment control unit
  • Drawbar module
F11 Anti-theft device 15
F12 Driver and front passenger seatbelt sensor - Opening the windows (Micro window release function) 15
  • Electric seats
  • Parktronic
  • JBL audio system
F13 Trauma-proof hood - Precipitation and light sensor - Windshield wiper - Power relay unit power supply 5
F14 AFIL system - Automatic climate control system - Instrument cluster - Windshield display system - Airbags - Bluetooth® wireless headset for radiotelephone (Hands Free) - Relay for hydraulic unit 15
F15 Power-operated central locking - Safety system for the transportation of children 30
F17 Ventilation system 40

In the engine compartment

It is located behind the protective cover on the left side of the underhood.


General view.

No. Decoding A
1 Electronic engine control unit - Cooling radiator motor unit 20
2 Horn (beep) 15
3 Washer pump 10
4 Headlight washers 20
5 Engine preheating - Injection system (Diesel engine) 15
6 Brake system 10
7 Automatic transmission 10
8 Starter 20
9 Injury-proof hood - Dual-lamp xenon headlights with beam correction depending on the angle of rotation of the front wheels 10
10 Injectors - Ignition coil - ECM - Fuel supply (Diesel engine) 30
11 Automatic climate control system (Fan) 40
12 Windshield wiper 30
13 BSI control unit 40
14 Empty -
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