Fuses Citroen DS3 (S), 2009 - 2020

In 2009, Citroen officially introduced the DS3 5-seater hatchback in a three-door design. This car was the first production car in the DS series, a premium line of cars. In the Russian market, the DS3 is offered with gasoline engines of 1.2 liters (82 hp), 1.4 liters (95 hp), 1.6 liters (120 hp and 150 hp). 

In this material, we will take a closer look at the fuse circuits of the Citroen DS3 1st generation (S body) 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, including restyling 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 model year.

In the engine compartment

Fuse box located near the battery.

General view of the block.

Engine compartment fuse diagram
No. Decoding A
1 Power supply to the engine ECU, engine cooling fan control relay, main relay of the multifunction engine control unit, pump injector (diesel engine). 20
2 Sound signal 15
3 Windshield / Rear Window Washer Pump 10
4 Daytime running lamps 20
5 Engine management system 15
6 ABS 10
7 Electric power steering, automatic transmission. 10
8 Start signal 20
9 Switching and protection unit (diesel) 10
10 Engine management system 30
11 Air conditioner / heater fan motor 40
12 Windshield wiper 30
13 Battery power distribution 40
14 Valvetronic (VTi) valve power supply. 30
15 High beam, right headlight 10
16 High beam left headlight 10
17 Left headlight low beam 15
18 Low beam, right headlight 15
19 Engine management system 15
20 10
21 Cooling fan motor control unit 5
MAXI type
MF1 Cooling fan motor 60
MF2 ABS system 30
MF3 30
MF4 Battery power distribution 60
MF5 60
MF6 Charge air aftercooler fan motor 20
MF7 Battery power distribution 80
MF8 -  

In the passenger compartment

Primary fuse box

Located on the driver's side of the dashboard, below the plastic cover. It is necessary to remove part of the casing for access.

General view of the block.

Assignment of the fuses in the passenger compartment Citroen DS3
No. Description A
F1 Rear window wiper 15
F3 SRS system 5
F4 Air conditioning, clutch contactor, anti-glare rear-view mirror, diesel particulate filter additive pump (on diesels), diagnostic connector, air flow sensor (on diesels). 10
F5 Power windows 30
F7 Interior lamps 5
F8 Multifunctional display, car radio, navigation system, burglar alarm processor, burglar alarm siren. 20
F9 Cigarette lighter fuse citroen ds3 , power connector for additional equipment 30
F10 Steering column electronics control unit 15
F11 Ignition switch, diagnostic socket, automatic transmission processor. 15
F12 Rain / light sensor, trailer junction box. 15
F13 Main brake light contactor, engine switch box. 5
F14 Parking Aid Processor, Airbag Processor, Instrument Panel, A / C, USB Box, Hi-Fi Amplifier. 15
F15 central locking 30
F17 Heated rear window and outside rear-view mirrors. 40
F18 Shunt  

Additional fuse panel

Located next to the main unit.

No. Decoding A
36 Trailer control unit 5
37 -  
38 Audio amplifier 20
39 Seat heater 20
40 Trailer control unit 40
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