Fuses and relays Dodge Caravan (4; 2001 - 2004)

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Dodge Caravan (and its extended modification Grand ) is a series of minivans produced by Chrysler from model years 1984 to 2020. In this material, we will analyze in detail the fuse diagrams of the Dodge Caravan (4th generation) 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 of release.

General view of the car
Here you will find the locations and photos of the fuse blocks. Separately, we note the elements responsible for the cigarette lighter and fuel pump.

In the engine compartment

The location of the fuse box in the engine compartment of the car.
Located behind a protective cover near the battery. For access, you need to depress the two side latches, remove the cover.

General view of the block.

Access example.

No. Description A
1 Fog lamp relay 20
2 Left rear turn signal lamp  15
Parking/turn signal lamp, license plate lamp and trailer tow connector (if equipped)
3 Right front turn lamp and right rear turn lamp 15
4 Front Wiper On/Off Relay 30
5 Dodge Caravan front cigarette lighter fuse, radio 20
6 Rear cigarette lighter, rear power outlet and rear floor console lamp 20
7 Data Link Connector, Front I/P Power Outlet 15
8 Horn relay 20
9 Starter relay and anti-lock brake controller 40
10 Front Fan Power Module (Automatic A/C) or Fan Motor Resistor Block (Manual A/C) 40
11 Electric wiper defroster, front door lock switches (no power windows), B-pillar power sliding door switches and rear wiper motor 20
12 Rear air conditioner heater unit 25
13 Rear window heating 40
14 Automatic Temperature Control (ATC), Audio Amplifier, Overhead Console, Radio, Keyless Entry System, Sentry Key Immobilizer System 15
15 Transmission Control Module (3.3L and 3.8L) and Transmission Safety Disable 20
16 Automatic shutdown relay 25
17 Fuel Pump Relay, Powertrain Control/Module (KAM) 20
18 A/C compressor clutch relay 20
19 Body control unit 40
20 40
21 ABS Anti-Lock Braking System Controller 25
22 Power seat circuit breaker 40
23 ignition switch 10
24 Body control module, instrument cluster and message center ( Highline only ) 20
25 Reserve  
26 Stoplight switch 20
27 Radiator Fan Relay 40
28 Power Window Circuit Breaker 40
29 Reserve  
30 Reserve  
31 Sliding door control modules 40
32 Rear Door Power Module 40
33 Front and rear washer pump motors 15
R1 Spare
R2 Spare
R3 Marker lamps
R4 Sound signal
R5 Front fog lights
R6 Air conditioning compressor
R7 Fuel pump relay
R8 Cooling Fan
R9 Transmission
R10 Audio amplifier
R11 Front wiper (on/off)
R12 Automatic shutdown relay
R13 Starter
R14 Front Wiper (Speed ​​- High/Low)
R15 auxiliary relay
R16 Rear fan
R17 Rear window defogger

Some relay modules are located separately:
- Radiator fan relay - on the front bumper amplifier, behind the radiator grille;
- Rear window defroster relay - on the distribution block, on the left side of the dashboard.

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Where is the relay or fuse for the power locks if you do have power windows? That does not appear to be here.

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