Fuses and relays Dodge Stratus (JA; 1995-2000)

This material discusses in detail the fuse diagrams of the Dodge Stratus (first generation / JA): 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 model year.

Fuse #8 in the passenger compartment block is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

In the engine compartment

Located near the air cleaner assembly, under the protection cover.

Photo - example.

No. Description Amps
R1 High Speed - Cooling Fan
R2 Main Relay - Automatic Shut Down
R3 Low Speed - Cooling Fan
R4 Starter Relay
R5 Empty
R6 A / C Compressor Clutch Relay
R7 Empty
R8 Intermittent Wiper
R9 Wiper (High speed / Low speed)
R10 Fuel Pump Relay
R11 Transmission Control Relay
R12 Empty
1 Oxygen Sensor Downstream 10 A
2 ABS module 20 A
3 Transmission Control Module (TCM), Transmission Control Relay 20 A
4 Stop Lamp Switch, Fuse #5 in the interior block 20 A
  • Powertrain Control Module;
  • Main Relay - Automatic Shut Down: Oxygen Sensor Upstream, Generator, Fuel Injectors, 2.0L and 2.4L - Ignition Coil Pack, 2.0L and 2.4L - Noise Suppressor, 2.5L - Distributor, EGR Solenoid, Fuse: #1
20 A
6 Sentry Key Immobilizer Module, Combination Flasher (Turn Signals, Siren) 20 A
7 Ignition Switch - Fuse #11 in the interior block 10 A
  • Fuel Pump Relay, Starter Relay;
  • Ignition Switch - Transmission Control Module (EATX), Clutch Interlock Switch (M/T), Body Control Module, Fuses #9 and #10 in the engine bay block, Fuses #14, #15 and #17 in the interior block
20 A
9 Brake Shift Interlock Solenoid, A / C Compressor Clutch Relay, High Speed - Cooling Fan Relay, Low Speed - Cooling Fan Relay, Fuel Pump Module, Sentry Key Immobilizer Module, Instrument Cluster 10 A
10 ABS module, Powertrain Control Module, Fuel Pump Relay 10 A
11 Empty  
12 Rear Window Defogger Relay 40 A
13 ABS  40 A
14 Fuses #7 and #8 in the interior block 40 A
  • Fuses #9, #10 and #18 in the interior block;
  • Headlamp Switch, Headlamp Delay Relay - Body Control Module, Headlamp Switch, Fuses #12 and #13 in the interior block
40 A
16 Ignition Switch - Fuses #1, #4, #16, #19 in the interior block 40 A
17 Empty -
18 Intermittent Wiper Relay (High speed / Low speed) 40 A
19 A / C Compressor Clutch Relay, High Speed and Low Speed Cooling Fan 40 A

In the passenger compartment

The fuse box located on the left edge of the dashboard, behind the cover.

Photo - example.

No. Description Amps
R1 Headlamp Delay -
R2 Horn Relay -
R3 Rear Window Defogger Relay -
1 Blower Motor 30 A
2 Daytime Running Lamp Module, Right High Beam Headlamp 10 A
3 Left High Beam Headlamp 10 A
  • Back-Up Lamp: Transmission Range Sensor (A/T), Back-Up Lamp Switch (M/T);
  • Daytime Running Lamp Module, Power Mirror Switch, Power Door Lock Switch, Steering Proportional Steering Module, Automatic Day/Night Mirror
15 A
5 Data Link Connector (DLC), Dome Lamp, Overhead Map Lamp, Power Antenna, Traveler, Cargo Lamp, Body Control Module, Glove Box Lamp, Radio, Visor/Vanity Lamps, Universal Garage Door Opener Module, Illuminated Entry Relay, Automatic Day/Night Mirror, Power Door Lock Switch, Courtesy Lamp, Door Arm/Disarm Switch, Key-In Halo Lanp, Moonroof 10 A
6 Air Conditioning Heater Control, Heated Mirror 10 A
7 from 1998: Headlamp Switch, Instrument Cluster 20 A
up to 1997: Headlamp Switch 15 A
8 Horn Relay, Power Outlet, Dodge Stratus cigarette lighter fuse 20 A
9 Body Control Module (BCM) 15 A
10 Daytime Running Lamp (DRL) Module, Rear Fog Lamp Switch 20 A
11 Instrument Cluster, Body Control Module, Transmission Control Module,  Autostick Switch 10 A
12 Daytime Running Lamp Module, Left Low Beam Headlamp 10 A
13 Front Fog Lamp Switch, Right Low Beam Headlamp 20 A
14 Radio 10 A
15 Intermittent Wiper Relay, Combination Flasher, Rear Window Defogger Relay, Wiper (High Speed / Low Speed) Relay 10 A
16 Airbag Control Module 10 A
17 10 A
18 Circuit Breaker: Decklid Release Relay, Power Seat Switch 20 A
19 Circuit Breaker: Master Power Window Switch, Power Window, Moonroof Control unit, Window Timer Module 20 A
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