Fuses and relays Fiat Stilo (192; 2001 - 2010)

Fiat Stilo is a C-class car produced by the Italian company from 2001 to 2010. In Geneva in 2001, the car was presented for the first time. At the beginning of production, the model was available in a hatchback body. In 2003, a version with a station wagon body was presented, which was called Stilo MultiWagon. In this article we will understand in detail fuse box diagrams Fiat Stilo (1st Gen; body code 192) 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 years of manufacture.

General view of the car
Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Also, we will separately mark the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter and the fuel pump.

In the engine compartment

Installation location of the fuse box and fuse board in the engine compartment of the car.
The main unit is located near the battery behind the protective cover. On the plus terminal of the battery there is a board consisting of high-power fusible links.

Fuse box

The photo is an example of the execution of the main unit.

No. Description of fuses A
F1 Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) 60
F2 power steering 70
F3 Selespeed 30
F4 Cooling fan motor, low speed -1.2/1.6 30
F5 Cooling fan motor, high speed -1.2/1.6 50
F6 Glow Plugs - Diesel 50
F7 Additional heater, heater/air conditioner 30
F8 Egnition lock 20
F9 Engine Management System - Diesel 30
F10 Engine Management System - Gasoline 15
F11 15
F12 Engine Management System - Diesel/Petrol 10
F13 15
F14 Air conditioning system, engine management system (Diesel/Petrol) 7.5
F15 Selespeed 15
F16 Fog lights 15
F17 Headlight washers 20
F18 Cooling fan motor control unit ( 1.8/2.0/JTD ), engine management system, starter relay (Selespeed) 7.5
F19 Air conditioner 7.5
F20 High beam left headlight 10
F21 Horn (beep) 15
F22 High beam right headlight 10
F23 power steering 10
1 fuel heater
2 empty
3 engine management system
4 Fuel module / fuel pump relay Fiat Stilo
5 Cooling Fan Motor Relay - Low Speed ​​(1.2/1.6)
6 Air conditioner compressor solenoid clutch relay
7 Cooling Fan Motor Relay - High Speed ​​(1.2/1.6)
8 headlight washer pump
9 fog lights
10 Horn (beep) relay
11 Heater fan motor relay
12 high beam headlights

Power fuse panel

Located on the battery.

No. Purpose A
F1 Protection of fuse box and relay circuits in the passenger compartment 70
F2 Power Window Relay, Power Sunroof Relay, Fuse/Relay Box - Luggage Compartment 60
F3 Additional heater 50
F4 Protection of circuits of the fuse box and relay in the engine compartment 150

In the passenger compartment

Location of the fuse box in the passenger compartment
It is located behind the protective cover on the driver's side.

General view of the Fiat Stilo 192 interior fuse box.

No. Decryption A
F1 Power window regulator (right rear door) 20
  • Door electrical control unit - driver's side,
  • power window elevator - front passenger's side
F3 Anti-lock brakes (ABS), anti-theft system, audio system, auxiliary heater, air conditioning/heating system, turn signal indicators, interior lamps, telephone, parking aid control unit, sunroof, rain sensor (windshield wiper system) / sunshine sensor 7.5
F4 Anti-lock brakes (ABS), brake light switch (brake pedal position sensor), speed maintenance system, engine management system 7.5
F5 Headlight corrector, left headlight - dipped beam 15
F6 Sunroof 20
F7 Power window elevator, left rear 20
F8 SRS, anti-lock brakes (ABS), engine management system, xenon headlights, headlight corrector, instrument cluster, trip computer, brake lights 10
F9 Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) 7.5
F10 Headlight corrector, dipped beam (right headlight) 15
F11 Sunroof 20
F12 Door Electrical Control Module and Power Window - Driver's Side 20
F13 Door function control module 15
F14 Safety Airbag 7.5
F15 Tire pressure monitoring system control module 7.5
F16 Rear window cleaner/washer 15
F17 Windshield washer nozzle heaters 7.5
F18 Rear and windshield wiper/washer 30
F19 Rear window heater 30
F20 Socket for connecting additional equipment, cigarette lighter fuse Fiat Stilo 20
F21 Central locking, illuminated switches, trailer electrical connector 20
F22 Anti-theft system, audio system, auxiliary heater, diagnostic socket, interior lamps, air conditioning/heating system, telephone, tire pressure monitoring system control unit, navigation system 10
F23 Trunk lid/rear door opening actuator, fuel filler flap/cover opening actuator 10
F24 Emergency alarm, instrument cluster, trip computer 10
F25 Clean air sensor (air conditioning system), power door mirrors, headlight washers, air conditioning/heating system, rear window wiper/washer, reversing lights, windshield wiper/washer 7.5
Purpose of relay modules
1 Power windows, sunroof relay
2 Rear window heating
3 Windshield wiper motor, cigarette lighter relay
4 Headlights

In the luggage compartment

The location of the fuse box in the luggage compartment.
It is located behind the trim on the left side of the luggage compartment.

No. Description A
F1 Reserve
F2 Reserve
F3 Anti-theft system 10
F4 Reserve
F5 Audio output amplifier (with HI-FI audio system) 25
F6 Reserve  
F7 Power seat (driver's) 30
F8 Passenger seat heater 10
F9 Driver seat heater 10
F10 Power seat (passenger) 30
F11 Reserve
F12 Stop Lamp (Upper) - Cruise Control 7.5
1 Seat heater relay  
2 Stop Lamp Relay, Stop Lamp (High) - Cruise Control  
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