Geely Coolray (SX11; 2018 - 2024) -fuse and relay

This material discusses in detail the fuse diagrams of the Geely Coolray car (first generation / SX11): 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 of release.

Fuse IF19 in the passenger compartment is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

In the passenger compartment

The mounting block is on the driver's side. To access it, you need to open the inspection hatch.

Access example.

Example of the diagram from the interior block cover.

No. Amps Description
IF01 30​ BCM module / exterior lights
IF02 30​ interior lamps / BCM
IF04 10 Rear view mirrors (BCM) / footwell lamps / HPS / anti-theft coils
IF05 20 Central lock / BCM
IF08 5 Gateway
IF09 5 Screen/IN
IF10 10 General illumination lamps / TCM
IF11 20 independent memory
IF12 10 Fan relay
IF13 15 Electric motor washer
IF14 10 Seat heater
IF16 10​ Rear wiper
IF18 20​ Front heater block
IF19 15 Power outlet
IF20 10 360/Middle passage switch/EPB switch fuse
IF21 5 Airbags
IF22 10 BCM/IP/E-CALL/ Interior rearview mirror anti-dazzling/ TCM fuse
IF23 10​ UEC IG1
IF30 10 E-call module
IF32 15 MMI module
SB01 30 Seat adjustment drive
SB02 30 Sunroof
IR01 -
IR02 -
IR03 Auxiliary relay
IR04 Wiper relay

In the engine compartment

The fuse box is located on the left side of the engine compartment. To access, loosen the side fixed tab of the lock and remove the cover.

General form.

Example of the diagram from the block cover.

No. Amps Description
MF01 80 Power steering
MF02 150 Generator
SB01 60 IP BOX B+ Fuse
SB02 40 EPB system (electric parking brake)
SB03 50​ EPB motor
SB04 30 7DCT1
SB05 30 Starter
SB06 30 7DCT2
SB07 60 IP BOX ALT+ fuse
SB08 40 Low speed fan
SB10 30 Cabin fan
SB11 30 Left power window
SB12 50 High speed fan
SB13 30 Right power window
SB14 30 Rear window heating
EF01 30 7DCT3
EF02 30 7DCT4
EF03 10 TCU/EMS control unit
EF04 10 Stop/OBD switch
EF05 25 Heated windshield
EF06 15 Fuel pump fuse
EF07 15 Horn
EF08 15 Solenoid valve
EF09 15 oxygen sensor
EF10 15 Ignition coils
EF11 25 EMS control unit
EF12 10 Relay (Fan/Oil Pump/Compressor/Starter/Vacuum Pump)/ SOV
EF13 10 Starter Feedback
EF14 10 Starter relay R2
EF17 10 Rear/front seat heater
EF18 10 EPB/ESC/clutch pedal sensor
EF19 10 EMS/TCU/neutral position sensor
EF20 10 EPS control unit
EF21 10 Rear view mirror heating
EF22 10 Low beam left headlight
EF23 10 Right low beam headlight
EF24 10 Left high beam headlight
EF25 10 Right high beam headlight
EF26 15 Air conditioning compressor
EF27 10 Left fog lamp
EF28 20 Front wiper
EF29 10 EGSM/360 Panorama/EPB LED+ fuse
EF30 10 Right fog lamp
EF32 15 Rear seat heater
EF33 5 IBS
Purpose of relay modules
ER1 Start relay 1
ER2 Start relay 2
ER3 Front defroster
ER4 Fuel pump relay
ER5 Main relay
ER6 Low beam headlights
ER7 High beam headlights
ER8 Horn
ER9 Air conditioning compressor
ER10 Front fan
ER11 Fog lights
ER12 Low cooling fan speed
ER13 High speed cooling fan
ER14 High speed wiper motor
ER15 Low speed wiper motor
ER16 Rear window heating
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