Fuses Geely Emgrand X7 (NL-4; 2018 - 2023)

This material discusses in detail the fuse diagrams of the Geely Emgrand X7 car (first generation / restyling): 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 of release.

Fuse number IF27 in the passenger compartment is responsible for the cigarette lighter.

In the passenger compartment

The mounting block is located on the driver's side of the dashboard. To access, you need to open the protective cover.

Access example.

No. Amps Description
IF01 10 Rear fog lights
IF02 25 Left power window
IF03 10 Tire pressure warning system
IF04 25 Right electric window
IF05 20 Front wiper
IF06 15 TCU with constant voltage
IF07 20 Electric door locks
IF08 5 Gateway
IF09 10 Surround Vision System (AVM)
IF10 5 Cabin fan
IF11 15 Electronic steering column lock
IF12 15 Seat heating
IF13 20 Hatch in the lid
IF14 10 Airbags (IG+)
IF15 10 IG engine
IF16 10 Block EPS and SAS (IG+) 
IF17 15 TCU unit (IG+)
IF18 10 Instrument cluster (IG+)
IF20 5 Wireless charger
IF21 10 Reversing lights
IF22 10 Washer pump
IF23 5 Neutral Position Sensor JLD-4G20
10 Air conditioner
IF24 10 Rear wiper
IF25 10 Switch/fan relay
IF26 10 Radio (ACC)
IF27 15 Cigarette lighter fuse Geely Emgrand X7 (ACC)
IF28 10 Block VSM (ACC) 10A -
IF29 10 Sunroof
IF30 10 Power mirrors
IF31 15 Backup Power Supply for Tailgate Lock Actuator
IF32 10 Heated mirrors 
IF33 - Spare
IF34 10 Immobilizer coils and PEPS
IF35 10 VSM unit with constant voltage
IF36 20 VSM unit with constant voltage
IF37 10 Instrument cluster and air conditioner
IF38 15 Diagnostic socket / radio
IF39 10 Door lights and brake light switch
SB01 25 Glass heating
SB02 30 ACC relay
SB03 20 Relay IG2
SB04 25 Seats with electric adjustment
SB05 30 Relay IG1

In the engine compartment

The fuse box is located on the left side of the engine compartment. To access it, open the protective cover.

Photo is an example.

No. Amps Description
EF01 15 Horn
EF02 15 Fuel pump fuse
EF03 10 Constant Voltage ECM
EF04 - Spare
EF05 - Spare
EF06 10 Electronic steering lock and ignition lock
EF07 15 Main engine relay
EF08 15 Engine sensor
EF09 15 Ignition coils
EF10 15 Main relay
EF11 15 Right lamp - low beam
EF12 15 Left lamp - low beam
EF13 10 Left lamp - high beam
EF14 10 Right lamp - high beam
EF15 10 Air conditioning compressor
EF16 15 Windshield heater
EF17 15 Front fog lights
EF18 15 Vacuum pump for brake booster
EF19 - Spare
EF20 - Spare
EF21 5 ABS module (IG+)
EF22 - Spare
EF23 5 ECM module (IG+)
EF24 - Spare
EF25 - Spare
EF26 - Spare
EF27 5 PEPS starter
EF28 - Spare
SB00 150 Alternator - Except JLC- 4G18+5MT+HPS
125 Generator - JLC-4G18+5MT+HPS
SB01 40 ABS
SB02 60 Fuse box in the cabin
SB03 30 ABS
SB04 - Spare
SB05 30 Low Speed Radiator Fan   ​​- JLC-4G18 and JLD-4G20
SB06 30 High Speed ​​Radiator Fan - JLC-4G18 and JLD-4G20
SB07 30 Front cabin fan
SB08 - Spare
SB09 60 Fuse box and relay in the cabin
SB10 30 Starter relay
SB11 - Spare
SB12 30 Fuse box in the cabin
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