Fuses and relays Mitsubishi RVR / Chariot Grandis, 1997 - 2003

Most of the power supply circuits of the Japanese minivan's electrical equipment are protected by fuses. Headlights, fan motors, fuel pump and other powerful current consumers are connected via relays. Protective elements are installed in mounting blocks, which are located under the hood and in the passenger compartment.

Considered models Mitsubishi Space Wagon, Chariot Grandis, RVR, Space Runner 2WD&4WD 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003 model years with engines 4G93 (1.8L GDI), 4G63 (2.0L Turbo), 4G64 (2.4L GDI).

Note: The location and assignment of relays and fuses on models of different years of manufacture and in different versions of equipment may differ slightly from those shown in the figures and tables.

In the passenger compartment

Component location: B - mounting block in the passenger compartment. Located under the dashboard near the driver's feet.

Interior fuse box diagram (B in the picture)
No. Description Current, A
1 Air conditioning control unit, ETACS electronic control unit, power outlets, power side mirrors, rear window wiper motor 15
2 Empty  
3 Audio system 10
4 Clock, cigarette lighter fuse, navigation system, multifunction display 15
5 ABS ECM, deceleration sensor (4WD), ABS indicator relay, A/C control module, A/C compressor control module (A/C manual models), sunroof ECM, rear window defogger relay, intake flap servo, cooling fan motor relay, heater fan motor relay, electrical control module, A/C switch (A/C manual models), brush defroster relay, brush defroster switch 10
6 ETACS ECU, SRS ECU, Combination Switch, Instrument Cluster, Vehicle Speed ​​Sensor 10
7 Empty -
8 Automatic transmission ECU, ETACS ECU, SRS ECU, automatic transmission output speed sensor, reversing lights, automatic transmission input speed sensor, multifunction display, rear combination lights 10
9 Empty -
10 Electronic control unit ETACS, diagnostic connector 15
11 Rear window defroster 30
12 A/C compressor control module (models with manual A/C control), heater fan motor controller (models with automatic A/C control), heater fan motor, A/C switch (models with manual A/C control), resistor (models with manual A/C control) 30
13 Emergency fuse box 10
14 15
15 20
16 30

In the engine compartment

Component location: A - relay and fuse box.

Photo is an example.

No. Current, A Decoding
Fusible links
1 60 Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
2 60 Fuses No. 10, 11, 12
3 20 Engine management system, automatic transmission control system (INVECS-II 4A/T)
4 30 Egnition lock
5 100 Generator, fuses No. 1, 2, 6, 7, fuses No. 1, 2
6 40 Fuses No. 17, 18, power windows
7 50 Heater Fan Motor Controller
1 15 Power oultets
2 15 Brush de-icer
3 10 Generator, central locking with remote control, turn indicators and signal lights.
4 15 Brake lights
5   Empty
6 10 ETACS electronic control unit, multifunction display, ignition switch illumination, combination switch, speedometer, tachometer, door illumination, door ajar indicator, electrical control unit, interior light, luggage compartment light
7 10 Air conditioning compressor
8 20 Fog lights
9 10 Horn
10 20 Windshield wipers and washers
1 10 Multifunction display, backlight, dimensions, clock
12 10 Position lamps
13 10 Headlights
14 10 Headlights, headlight range control
15 10 Headlights
16 10 High beam indicator, headlights
17 20 central locking
18 20 Electric sunroof
19 10 Rear window defroster and rear view mirror defroster
20 20 Empty
A-72X Automatic transmission control relay
A-73X Injector control relay
A-74X Main injection relay
A-75X Fuel pump relay
A-76X Empty
A-77X A/C compressor magnetic clutch relay
A-78X Service socket
A-79X Empty
A-80X Cooling Fan Motor Relay
A-81X Empty
A-82X Horn relay
A-83X Fog light relay
A-84X Electrical control unit
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