Fuses and relays Nissan Qashqai (J10), 2007 - 2012

Nissan Qashqai is a compact crossover that entered production in 2006. Qashqai + 2 is a 7-seater version of Qashqai, with an extended base. In the USA it is known as Rogue Sport. The first generation is designated as j10 and was produced in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. The second is designated as j11 and was released in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. This material will provide information with a description of the Nissan Qashqai first generation fuse blocks and relays, with diagrams, photographs and designations of elements. Separately, we will highlight the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter.

Please note that the variants of the blocks, the number of their elements, as well as the diagrams may differ from those presented and depend on the country of delivery, year of manufacture and equipment of a particular car. Check the description with yours, it will be printed on the protective cover of the unit.

In the passenger compartment

Fuse box located in the dashboard. To access, simply pull on the cover.

F1 10A Audio system, electric drive of outside mirrors
F2 15A Front socket (cigarette lighter)
F3 Spare
F4 10A Air conditioning, electric cabin heater
F5 15A Heater motor
F6 15A Heater motor
F7 10A Optional equipment
F8 15A CVT sensors (manual gearbox)
F9 15A Audio system
F10 10A Brake lights
F11 Spare
F12 10A Control unit for electrical equipment of the passenger compartment
F13 10A Electrical equipment
F14 15A Rear socket (if installed)
F15 10A Heated mirrors
F16 10A Control unit for electrical equipment of the passenger compartment
F17 15A Electrical equipment
F18 20A Moto windshield wiper gear
F19 10A SRC airbags
F20 10A Heated seats
R1 Relay additional equipment of salon
R2 Heater fan relay

For the front cigarette lighter, there is a 15A fuse number 2. On the diagram in English it is designated as - POWER SOCKET.

Under the hood

The engine compartment contains 3 fuse and relay boxes.

Fuse box - A

To access, squeeze the side cover lock and pull on it.

F1 15A Glass heater
F2 15A Glass heater
F3 15A Fog lights
F4 30A Windshield wiper
F5 15A Low beam lamp, right headlight
F6 15A Low beam lamp, left headlight
F7 10A High beam lamp, right headlight
F8 10A High beam lamp, left headlight
F9 10A Side light bulbs
F10 Spare
F11 15A Transmission control
F12 20A Engine control unit
F13 10A A / C compressor
F14 10A Reversing lamps
F15 10A Gearbox
F16 10A Engine management system
F17 15A Fuel pump fuse
F18 10A Power system (fuel injectors)
F19 10A Hydro electronic unit ABS
F20 Spare
R6 Ignition system relay
R8 Tailgate glass heater relay
R16 Engine cooling fan low speed relay I
R17 Engine cooling fan II high speed relay

Fuse box - B

The second block can be opened in the same way.

F1 20A Air cooler turbine (turbodiesel)
F2 10A Transmission mode switch block (vehicles with four-wheel drive)
F3 10A Generator
F4 10A Sound signal
FL5 60 / 30A Electric power steering, headlight washer pump, ABS system
F6 40A ABS system, stability control system
F7 30A Electric cabin heater (for a car with a diesel engine)
F8 30A Electric cabin heater
F9 30A Electric cabin heater
F10 Spare
FL11 50/30 / 40A Engine cooling fan, ignition
F12 40A Control unit for electrical equipment of the passenger compartment
R3 Horn relay
R4 Engine cooling fan relay
R5 Headlight washer pump relay

Fuse box - C

It is located on the positive terminal of the battery and consists of high power fuses.

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Christopher janes

Hi,i am having a real hard time locating the front wiper relay if there is one lol.any help or to add the details in the description would be amazing.many thanks chris janes...car/nissan qashqai+2 2010 diesel..

Hi, Chris. There are no fuses and relays in the rear wiper circuit, it is directly controlled by BCM.

cruise control and limiter switch on steering wheel have stopped working, is there a fuse for them and where is it

The cruise control system (if installed) maintains a constant vehicle speed using an electronic control unit (computer) installed in the passenger compartment and a drive located near the battery in the engine compartment. The actuator is connected to the throttle coupling mechanism by means of a cable or rod. In addition to the drive, the system includes a brake switch, clutch switch, control switches, connecting wires.


Does the power windows have a delay time relay? I mean when turning the ignition off and remove the keys, can you still close/open the windows?



My reverse camera doesn't work also reverse night light.

Can you help me with this trouble.
Thank you


I'm trying to get some info about my car using a OBD device connected to the DLC port under the cabin fuse panel. But I get some error message saying cannot connect to the ECU. Could it be that the port is not powered due to a missing fuse? Is there a fuse for this port?
Currently there's no fuse for F3 (reserve), F8 (CVT sensors), F9 (audio), 11 (reserve) and F20 (heated seats)
J10 SE, petrol, manual transmission

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