Fuses and relays Peugeot 208 (P21; 2019 - 2024)

208 is a subcompact car produced by Peugeot, which replaced the 207 model in its segment. Sales in Europe began in the summer of 2012. The second generation was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2019, and officially went on sale in Europe in the summer. The model moved from the outdated PF1 platform to the Common Modular Platform (CMP). In this article we will understand in detail fuse box diagrams Peugeot 208 (second generation; index P21; CMP platform) 2019, 2020, 2021, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 years of manufacture.

Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Also, we will separately mark the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter and the fuel pump.

In the engine compartment

There are two mounting blocks with fuses located here.

Power block

It is attached to the plus terminal of the battery.

No. Description Amps
F1 Electrical control unit for the two-speed fan motor control unit 60
F2 Engine compartment fuse box 100
F3 Power steering 80
F4 Interior fuse box 80
F5 Interior fuse box 80

Main unit

Located on the left side of the underhood compartment. The protective cover must be removed for access.

General view.

No. Description Current, A
R1 Engine management computer / Euro 6 Diesel (SCR module power supply)
R2 Air conditioner compressor / Electric windshield heater
R3 Starter relay / thermal preconditioning
R4 Fog lights / daytime running lights relay
R5 Air conditioner fan relay
R6 Starter
R7 Front wiper
R8 Front wiper
R9 Headlight relay
F1 Air conditioner fan 40
F2 ABS/ESP system computer 60
F3 Interior fuse box 3 80
F4 ABS/ESP system computer 30
  • Intelligent switching unit (Right turn indicators, front right parking lights, right brake lights, left reversing lights, right fog lights). 50A
  • Windshield heater 20A
50 / 20
  • Control unit for two-speed cooling fan (GMV) 60A
  • BVA AxN8 Calculator - BVA Ax6III Calculator (thermal) 20A
60 / 20
F7 Intelligent Switch Box 70
F8 Engine management fuel pump, Pilot controlled thermostat, Oil pump solenoid valve (EC flush - Electric solenoid valve - Intake air flow meter - Oxygen sensors (EP6FADTX), Pilot controlled thermostat, Switchable water supply, Electric solenoid valve (EP6FDT) 20A Engine computer (for EB2DT or EP6FDT) l Controlled booster pump (for DV6F or DW10F) 15 / 20 
F9 Pilot-controlled booster pump (DW10F), inlet and outlet valves, solenoid valves, Pilot-controlled thermostat, Oil pump solenoid valve (EC flushing - Electric solenoid valve, Intake air flow meter, oxygen sensors (EP6FADTX), Pilot-controlled thermostat, Switchable water supply Electric solenoid valve (EP6FDT) 15
F10 Engine computer, Diesel flow control pump magnet, Turbocharger pressure control solenoid valve (DV5R and DW10F), Thermostat S (DV5R), Purge heater, Adjustable inlet and exhaust solenoid valves (EP6FADTX), Cylinder flush, Oxygen sensors raised (EB2ADTS) 15
F11 Engine computer 20
F12 Instrumentation - GMV relays - Istars - DMTC, turbocharged electric water cooling (EB2ADTS and EP6FADTX), intelligent service unit (EP6FADTX) 5
F13 Intelligent Switch Box 5
F14 Battery level unit 5
  • Fog lights 15A
  • Daytime running lights 10A
15 / 10
F16 Electric windscreen heating 20
F17 GMP BFRM relay diagnostics - BSI1 - Engine Computer - Lower Nox sensor (DV5R and DW10 injectors (DV5R) 10
F18 Right headlights high beam 10
F19 Left headlights high beam 10
F20 Engine computer l Booster pump (for ER6EDT) - Ignition coils (EB2ADTS and EP6FADTX) 30
F21 Starter 30
F22 Reserve – Taxi 30
F23 Starter / Alternator 40
F24 Interior fuse box 5 40
F25 Interior fuse box 3 40
F26 Heater 15 / 20
F27 Intelligent switching unit (Right headlight dipped beam, Right reversing lights, Left fog lights, Rear left parking lights, Third brake light) 25
F28 AdBlue pump power supply and AdBlue tube heating resistor (UCE or DV5R) - Nox sensor (DW10F) - Engine computer (EP6FADTX) - (BlueInjection, AdBlue) 30
F29 Windshield wiper 40
F30 Pre-heating module 80
F31 Switching and protection module 80
F32 Power steering, Left dipped beam headlight, turn signal lights, Side turn signal indicators, Left turn signal indicators, Front left and rear right parking lights, Left brake lights, License plate light bulbs. 80

In the passenger compartment

In left-hand drive vehicles, the fuse box is located on the driver's side of the dashboard behind the accessory box.

In right-hand drive models, this unit is located behind the glove box on the passenger side.

Fuse box

Photo is an example.

No. Description
F1 Interior rearview mirror / Power steering wheel / Selective ride control / Radar / Diesel exhaust system
F3 Wireless phone charger
F4 Horn (beep)
F5 Window washer (front and rear)
F6 Window washer (front and rear)
F7 Rear USB socket
F8 Rear wiper
F10 Door lock / tailgate lock
F11 Door lock / tailgate lock
F12 Stop-start system / Diagnostic connector module / Brake system
F13 Information and multimedia system / Climate control system
F14 Alarm siren
F15 Climate control system
F16 Stop-Start / Brake System
F17 Instrument panel
F18 Parking assistant
F19 Steering Column Electrical System / Steering Wheel Controls
F21 Anti-theft alarm
F22 Camera / Rain sensor / Automatic lighting control
F23 Seat belt reminder
F24 7-inch touchscreen / Advanced Parking Assist System / Panoramic View System
F25 Airbag module
F26 Electronic Stability Control Module
F27 Alarm (Signaling)
F28 OnStar System or BTA module
F29 Information and multimedia system
F31 / F32 Peugeot 208 cigarette lighter sockets on the front panel  
F34 Rear window heating / Windshield heating / Inductive charging
F35 Light switch / diagnostic connector module
F36 Lighting fixtures

Relay block

Located behind the main block.

No. Purpose Amps
R1 Seat heating relay
R2 Power window relay
R3 Heater/rear window heater relay
R4 Empty
R5 Empty
R6 Empty
R7 Empty
F1 Rear window heater 40
F2 Heated exterior side rearview mirrors 10
F3 Front power windows 30
F4 Folding side mirrors / Adjusting the exterior mirrors 10 / 15
F5 Rear power windows 30
F6 Cigarette lighter power outlet in trunk / Sunroof -
F7 Empty -
F8 Fuse box in the passenger compartment -
F9 Empty -
F10 Heated seats 20
F11 Front seat massage function 20
F12 Hi-fi amplifier 25
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