Fuses Peugeot Partner (B9), 2008 - 2021

The second generation Peugeot Partner (B9 body), which was officially unveiled in January 2008, debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2008. The car differs significantly from its predecessor in all respects. This is not a restyling of an old one, but a completely new model. The rear suspension is no longer torsion bar like in Partner Origin, but a regular elastic beam on springs, that is, like in a regular passenger car. This provides more comfort and a smoother ride, but the load characteristics are reduced.

In our material, we will analyze in detail the fuse circuits for the Peugeot Partner 2nd generation (B9 body) 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 model year. Here are the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Separately, we note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

In the passenger compartment

Located on the left under the dashboard.

Photo is an fuse box example.

No. Description A
F1 Rear window wiper 15
F2 Empty  
F3 Airbag 5
F4 Air Conditioning, Diagnostic Connector, Rearview Mirror, Headlight Adjuster 10
F5 Window lifters 30
F6 Door Locks 30
F7 Rear courtesy light, front courtesy light, sunroof 5
F8 Car radio, CD changer, display, tire pressure monitor, burglar alarm and siren 20
  • Front and rear 12V sockets.
  • Cigarette lighter fuse Peugeot Partner
F10 Upper steering column 15
F11 Small current circuit of the ignition switch 15
F12 Rain and light sensor, airbag 15
F13 Dashboard 5
F14 Parktronic, air conditioning control panel, hands-free system 15
F15 Power supply for the locking system 30
F16 Empty  
F17 Heated rear window and mirrors 40
Additional board next to the main unit
F1 Empty -
F2 Heated seats 20
F3 Empty -
F4 Folding mirror relay 15
F5 Refrigerator socket relay 15

Additional fuse box for hitch and trailer, located behind the barrier on the right. It is installed if the corresponding systems are included in the configuration.

No. Decoding A
F1 ignition switch relay, optional alternator 15
F2 Trailer power supply 12V 15
F3 DC power supply circuit for transformers 15
F4 Emergency lights 40

In the engine compartment


Fuse box

General form.

Peugeot Partner Motor Fuse Block Diagram
No. Decoding A
F1 Engine control computer - power supply of the electric control unit for the two-speed group of the electric fan 20
F2 sound alarm 15
F3 front and rear washers 10
F4 Headlight washers 20
  • + battery
  • Fuel heating system DV6
  • fuel pump TU5JP4
  • + after contact, the computer and the double relay of the ABS / ESP systems
  • steering angle sensor
  • gyrometer acceleration meter stability control system
  • power steering electric pump mechanism
  • contact brake sensor 
  • clutch pedal switch
F8 starter winding 25
F9 after contact, protection blocking module 3 relays - headlight range control motor 10
F10 control of the ignition coil TU5JP4 - injector control TU5JP4 - supply of the solenoid valve of the injection pump DV6 30
F11 activation of the blower relay 40
F12 control of low and high speed of the front wiper 30
F13 after contact power supply CM (intelligent service module) 40
F14 Exhaust gas temperature recuperation pump control 30
F15 right high beam headlamp 10
F16 left headlight high beam 10
F17 left low beam headlamp 15
F18 right headlamp low beam 15
  • Tank cleaning solenoid valve TU5JP4 
  • oxygen sensors inlet and outlet TU5JP4
  • solenoid valve for turbocharging air heating 1-2 DV6
  • liquid-in-fuel sensor DV6
  • Turbocharger pressure control solenoid valve DV6
  • outlet temperature control solenoid valve
  • air flow meter DV6
  • power supply for the electric control unit for the two-speed fan group maxi fuse module (PSF1)

Power fuse panel

An example of access to the power board on the battery.

No. Description A
F1 Charge status module 5
F2 Diagnostic connector 15
F3 Resistance to brake pedal switches 15
F4 Empty  
F5 Power steering electric pump group 80
F6 Post-heating control module 70
F7 Protection blocking module 3 relays 100
F8 Empty  
F9 Empty  
F10 Simple motor protection relay 30
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