Fuses Peugeot 807 (E), 2002 - 2014

Peugeot 807 is a minivan produced from 2002 to 2014. It refers to minivans of the "Evrovans" type (also Citroen, Fiat and Lancia). The 806 was named according to Peugeot's "x0x" system, where the first digit denotes the model series (vehicle size/class) and the last digit denotes the generation. In this article we will understand in detail fuse box diagrams Peugeot 807 (1st generation; E body) 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and restyling 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 years of manufacture.

Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Also, we will separately mark the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter and the fuel pump.

In the engine compartment

It is located on the left side of the underhood, near the expansion tank.

Photo is an example.

No. Description (models since 2007) A
1 Engine ECU, engine fuel and air supply systems, engine cooling fan 20
2 Horn (beep) 15
3 Windscreen and rear window washer pump 10
4 Headlight washer pump 20
5 Design of the fuel supply system 15
6 Power steering, second brake light sensor, automatic transmission ECU, air flow sensor, automatic xenon headlight corrector. 10
7 Braking system (with ABS / ESP systems). 10
8 Starter switch. 20
9 Main brake light sensor. 10
10 Fuel and air supply systems for the engine, systems for reducing the toxicity of exhaust gases. 30
11 Climate control in the front of the passenger compartment. 40
12 Windshield cleaner. 30
13 Intelligent switching unit. 40
14 Empty 30
15 Child safety lock / unlock / super lock switch. 30
No. Description (models up to 2007) A
1 Manual transmission reversing light switch, Xenon headlights, cooling fan group relay, coolant level sensor, oil heating or glow plug power supply circuit unit (on diesel versions), speed sensor or air flow sensor (on diesel versions). 10
2 Fuel electric pump (Peugeot 807 fuel pump fuse), exhaust gas recirculation system electric valves and turbocharger pressure regulating unit (on diesel versions) 15
3 Electronic brake system ABS or ESP 10
4 Power supply circuit from the ignition switch of the intelligent engine switch unit 10
5 Not used or particulate filter nozzle unit, electronic unit of the particulate filter system (on diesel versions) 10
6 Front fog lights 15
7 Headlight washer pump motor 20
8 Power supply circuit of the injection computer through the intelligent switching unit, relays of the cooling system electric fan group (on diesel versions), electric valves of the fuel pressure control system in the fuel supply system and exhaust gas recirculation system (on diesel versions). 20
9 Left dipped beam headlight, headlight regulator 15
10 Righ dipped beam headlamp. 15
11 Left high beam headlamp. 10
12 Right high beam headlamp. 10
13 Horn (beep) 15
14 Windscreen and rear window washer pump motors. 10
15 Oxygen sensor, injector power supply circuit, electric absorber valves, electric valve of the exhaust gas distribution and recirculation system (on gasoline versions), fuel injector (on diesel versions). 30
16 Empty,
electric valve for boost pressure control (on gasoline versions)..
17 Windshield wiper relay. 30
18 Auxiliary motors of the ventilation system. 40

Maxi type fuses are located on the side of the board.

No. Description A
Type 1 (since 2007)
1 Air conditioning 50
2 Braking system (ABS / ESP) 40
3 30
4 Built-in power interface 60
5 70
6 Additional heating (Diesel). 20
7 Empty  
8 Empty  
Type 2 (up to 2007)
1 Fan (high speed). 50
2 ABS or ESP. 50
3 Not in use
or ESP solenoid valve,
or optional heating (diesel).
4 Built-in power interface 1. 60
5 Built-in power interface 2. 70
6 Fan (low speed). 30
7 Immobilizer. 40
8 Air conditioning 50

In the passenger compartment

Here there are two units responsible for the protection of the vehicle's electrical circuits.

Fuse box

Located behind the glove compartment.

General view of the Peugeot 807 cabin fuse box.

No. Decryption (models from 2007) A
1 Rear window cleaner. 15
2 Empty  
3 Airbag ECU. 5
4 Climate sensor, steering wheel position sensor , clutch pedal sensor, diagnostic connector, headlight system angle sensor, ESP, manual pump to feed the additive setting into the particulate filter, interior rearview mirror. 10
5 Power-adjustable mirrors, power windows on the passenger side, power sunroof vent above the first row of seats. 30
6 Power to the front power windows. 30
7 Plafonds, glove box illumination lamp, cosmetic mirror illumination lamps, video monitor illumination in 2nd row. 5
8 Multifunction control unit, radiotelephone, display, alarm siren, diesel fuel additive system ECU, car stereo, tire pressure monitoring, CD changer, sliding door drive ECU. 20
9 Peugeot 807 cigarette lighter fuse. 30
10 Paddle shifter unit, trailer switch box. 15
11 Diagnostic connector, ignition switch, automatic transmission (4-speed). 15
12 Driver's seat memory unit, driver's seat power adjustments, driver's seat ECU, airbag ECU, parktronic ECU, side sliding door switches, hands-free headset, automatic transmission (6-speed). 15
13 Engine ECU, trailer switching unit. 5
14 Rain sensor, automatic climate control settings, instrument cluster, sunroof vents, odometer ECU, radio telecommunication system settings. 15
15 Locking the passenger side door lock. 30
16 Unlocking / locking locks. 30
17 Rear window heater. 40
No. Description (models up to 2007) A
1 Rear fog lamp. 10
2 Rear wiper. 15
3 -  
4 On-board systems are powered via an intelligent switching unit. 15
5 Left brake light. 10
6 Empty  
7 Interior lighting, cigarette lighter , lower glove box lighting, self-dimming interior rearview mirror. 20
8 Empty  
9 Front power window keys, front vent hatch. 30
10 Diagnostic connector, trailer electrical outlet. 20
11 Security alarm system, telematics, car stereo, multifunction displays, paddle shifters, particulate filter unit. 15
12 Right side parking lights, vehicle license plate light, air conditioner control box panel illumination, plafonds. 10
13 Empty  
14 Central locking, super-locking drive. 30
15 Rear power windows. 30
16 Power supply to the airbag system via an intelligent switching unit. 5
17 Right brake light, auxiliary brake light, trailer brake light. 15
18 Diagnostic connector, brake and clutch pedal position sensors. 10
19 PARC shunt. 40
20 Power supply to the car stereo via an intelligent switching unit. 10
21 Empty  
22 Left side parking lights, trailer parking lights. 10
23 Security alarm siren, ACP electronic unit. 15
24 Power supply of the parktronic system via an intelligent switching unit. 15
26 Electric rear window heater 40

Power fuse panel

Located on the battery, which is located in the front passenger floor recess.

Example of accessing the unit on the battery.

General view.

No. Appointment A
1 Electric drive of the right sliding door. 40
2 Electric drive of the left sliding door. 40
3 Hi-Fi audio amplifier. 30
4 Empty
auxiliary heating supply circuit (on diesel versions).
29 Empty  
32 adjusting the position of the driver's seat. 25
33 adjusting the position of the passenger seat. 25
34 Electric drive of the 3rd row air vent. 20
35 Electric drive of the 2nd row air vent. 20
36 heated passenger seat. 10
37 heated driver's seat. 10
38 locking the door locks against opening by children. 15
39 12-volt socket in row 3. 20
40 12-volt socket in row 2. 20
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