Fuses and relays Renault Duster (HS; 2016-2020)

Most of the power supply circuits of the electrical equipment of the French crossover are protected by fuses. Headlights, fan motors, fuel pump and other powerful current consumers are connected via relays. Protective elements are installed in mounting blocks, which are located under the hood and in the passenger compartment.

Considered the Renault Duster diagrams of the 1st generation in restyling (HSA, HSM) 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 model year.

In the engine compartment

The fuse box is located on the left side of the engine compartment. It is closed with a plastic cover.

General view.

Amps / Description
Ef1 10A Fog lights
Ef2 7.5A Electrical control unit
Ef3 30A Heated rear window, heaters outside mirrors
Ef4 25A Stability control unit
Ef5 60A Fuse chains P11, P24-P27, P34, P39, P41
Ef6 60A Ignition switch (lock), P28 fuse circuits. P31, P38, P43, P46, P47
Ef7 50A Stability control unit
Ef8 80A Luggage compartment socket
Ef9 20A Reserve
Ef10 40A Heated windshield 1
Ef11 40A Heated windscreen 2
Ef12 30A Starter
Ef13 15A Reserve
Ef14 25A Electronic engine management system
Ef15 15A A / C compressor clutch relay, A / C compressor clutch
Ef16 50A Electro cooling fan
Ef17 40A Automatic gearbox control unit
Ef18 80A Electric power steering pump
Ef19 Reserve
Ef20 Reserve
Ef21 15A Oxygen concentration sensors, canister purge valve, camshaft position sensor, phase change valve
Ef22 Electronic engine control unit (ECU), electric cooling fan control unit, ignition coils, fuel injectors, fuel pump
Ef23 Fuel pump
Er1 Horn relay
Er2 Alarm relay
Er3 Starter
Er4 Engine managment
Er5 A/C
Er6 Fuel pump relay
Er7 Heater front window / Cooling fan
Er8 Front window heater
Er9 Starter 2

In the passenger compartment

The mounting block is located on the driver's side. At the end of the dashboard, behind a plastic cover.

No. Description Amps
Panel 260-2
F1 Spare  
F2 ECM, left headlamp, right headlamp 25
F3 All-wheel drive transmission (4WD) 5
F4 Spare / additional control unit for electrical equipment 15
F5 Rear accessory connector ( female ) 15
F6 Electrical control module 5
F7 Spare  
F8 Unknown 7.5
F9 Spare  
F10 Spare
A Locking rear power windows
Panel 260-1 (main board)
No. Decoding Amps
F1 Power window front door 30
F2 High beam left headlight 10
F3 High beam, right headlight 10
F4 Left headlight low beam 10
F5 Low beam, right headlight 10
F6 Taillights 5
F7 Front parking lights 5
F8 rear door window lifter 30
F9 Rear fog lamp 7.5
F10 Horn 15
F11 Automatic door lock 20
F12 ABS systems (ABS) - ESC, brake light switch 5
F13 Courtesy lamp, luggage compartment lighting, glove compartment lighting 10
F14 Not
F15 Windshield wiper 15
F16 Multimedia system 15
F17 Fluorescent lamps 7.5
F18 Stop signal 7.5
F19 Injection system, instrument panel, central electronic switching unit in the passenger compartment 5
F20 Safety bag 5
F21 4WD 4WD, reverse gear 7.5
F22 Power steering 5
F23 Cruise control / speed limiter, rear window relay, seat belt not fastened signal, parking distance monitoring system, relay for additional heating of the passenger compartment 5
F24 UCH (passenger compartment central electronic connection unit) 15
F25 2
F26 Direction indicators 15
F27 Steering column switches 20
F28 Klaxon 15
F29 Steering column switches 25
F30 Not
F31 Dashboard 5
F32 3Radio receiver, air conditioning control panel, interior ventilation, rear connector for connecting electrical accessories 7.5
F33 Cigarette lighter fuse duster 20
F34 Diagnostic connector and audio connector 15
F35 Heated rearview mirror 5
F36 Electric door mirrors 5
F37 Interior central electronic switching unit, starter 30
F38 Windshield wiper 30
F39  Interior ventilation  40
A air conditioner fan
B Heated mirrors
Panel 703  
A Additional socket in the luggage compartment
B Reserve  
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