Fuses and relays Subaru Forester (SH; 2007-2013)

Forester is a Japanese compact crossover SUV produced by Subaru since 1997. It is based on the Impreza chassis. It is produced at the Gunma Yajima Factory in the municipality of Ota, Japan. In this article we will understand in detail fuse box diagrams Subaru Forester (third generation; SH9L, SHJ, SHMSUV) 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 years of manufacture.

Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Also, we will separately mark the fuses responsible for the cigarette lighter and the fuel pump.

In the engine compartment

The fuse box is located on the left side, next to the battery.

Photo is an example.

No. Decoding A
F1 Alternator 120
F2 ABS / ESP system 30
F3 Cooling fan motor 25
F4 Cooling fan motor 25
F5 Spare  
F6 Audio system 10
F7 Dipped beam headlamp 30
F8 High beam headlamp 15
F9 Spare 20
F10 Beep (horn) 15
F11 Spare 25
F12 Subaru Forester fuel pump fuse 15
F13 Transmission control module 10
F14 Spare 7.5
F15 Spare 15
F16 Front / rear lamps 15
F17 Alternator  
F18 Dipped beam lamp (right side) 15
F19 Dipped beam lamp (left side) 15
F20 Spare 50
F21 Spare 50
F22 Spare 50
F23 ABS / ESP system 50
F24 Spare 50
F25 Spare 30
F26 Spare 30
F27 Engine management 30
F28 Exhaust air pump 60
F29 Exhaust air system 10
1 empty
2 dipped beam headlamps
3 high beam headlamps
4 rear window heater
5 Beep (horn relay)
6 empty
7 empty
8 empty
9 air conditioning system
10 empty
11 empty
12 empty
13 empty

In the passenger compartment

Component locations: 3 - cabin mounting block #1, 4 - mounting block #2, 5 - mounting block #3, 6 - mounting block #4, 7 - mounting block #5.

Fuse box #1

#1 is located on the driver's side, at the bottom of the dashboard, behind the plastic cover.

General view of the Subaru Forester SH interior fuse box.

No. Decoding A
F1 rear fog lamp, trailer 20
F2 Empty -
F3 power door locks 15
F4 windshield wiper, defroster 10
F5 instrument cluster 10
F6 heated seats, power mirrors 7.5
F7 central control unit 15
F8 Stop lights 20
F9 Heated windshield 15
F10 Charging system 10
F11 clock, turn signals 7.5
F12 Engine management, automatic transmission 15
F13 Power connector for optional equipment 20
F14 Front/rear position lamps 15
F15 Empty -
F16 Instrument panel illumination 10
F17 Seat heater 15
F18 Back-up lights 10
F19 Empty -
F20 Forester cigarette lighter fuse, Power connector for optional equipment 10
F21 Starter 7.5
F22 air conditioning, heated rear window 15
F23 rear window cleaner and washer 15
F24 radio, clock 15
F25 SRS system 15
F26 power windows, radiator fan, parking lamps and lights 7.5
F27 Heater fan motor 15
F28 15
F29 Fog lights 15
F30 windshield washer 30
F31 Spare 7.5
F32 Empty -
F33 ABS / ESP system 7.5

Fuse box #3

5 in the picture.

No. Protected chain A
F1 Spare 7.5
F2 Multifunctional control unit 10
F3 Windshield wiper / washer 15
F4 Glow plug signal 7.5
1 Starter
2 electric power windows
3 rear tail lamps
4 Empty
5 fog lights
6 rear fog lights
7 windshield heater
8 seat heater

Fuse box #4

6 on the picture.

No. Appointment A
F1 Engine control module 15
F2 15
F3 15
F4 Empty -
1 oxygen sensor
2 fuel pump relay
3 Empty
4 Empty
5 Empty
6 throttle control unit
7 Empty
8 Empty

Fuse box #5

7 on the picture

No. Description A
without keyless entry / start system
1 reversing lamp relay
2 no-start relay
with keyless entry / start system
F1 Empty -
F2 ignition circuit 20
F3 Empty 7.5
F4 ignition circuit 15
1 Empty
2 Empty
3 Starter
4 Empty
5 Empty
6 Empty
7 Empty
8 Prohibition of startup
9 central locking, double locking system
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