Fuses and relays Toyota Highlander / Kluger V (XU20), 2000 - 2007

The Highlander / Kluger family is built on the Toyota K platform, which is common with the Camry sedan and some of the company's other models - in particular, the first generation Highlander shares it with its relative Lexus RX / Toyota Harrier. The car belongs to the class of mid-size crossovers. In this material, we will analyze in detail the fuse diagrams of the Toyota Highlander / Kluger V 1st generation (XU20): 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 release.

Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Separately, we note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter and the fuel pump relay.

In the engine compartment

The main box is located next to the battery, above it there are two additional ones, one of which is responsible for the ABS system, and the second for the daytime running lights.

Fuse box #1

General view.

No. Protected chain A
1 Starter 7.5
2 ABS / TRAC / VSC systems 7.5
3 Right healamp (low beam) 15
4 Left healamp (low beam) 15
5 Fuel Ratio Sensors 25
6 Generator 7.5
7 Trailer electrical equipment 20
8 Horn 10
9 Immobilizer system 15
10 Right headlight (high beam) 10
11 Anti-theft system, remote control door locks, central locking, ABS / TRAC / VSC systems, air conditioning, instruments 7.5
12 Electronic engine control unit, fuel injection system, fuel pump, immobilizer system 20
13 Immobilizer system, central locking 25
14 Left headlamp (high beam) 10
15 Audio system 25
16 Interior lighting, spot lighting. luggage compartment lighting, illuminated vanity mirror, ignition switch lighting, door remote control system 10
17 Alarm 15
18 Spare 7.5
19 Spare 15
20 Spare 25
47 Fuel injection system, starter 30
48 ABS electric pump 40
49 Э / М ABS system valves 40
50 Air conditioner and heater 50
51 Radiator fan 30
52 Heated rear window 30
53 Condenser fan 30
54 Spare RDI 50
58 Fuse chains "ABS1", "ABS2", "RDI", "CDS", "RR DEF", "HEATER", "AM1", "AM2". "TAIL". "PANEL", "STOP". "S / ROOF". "SEAT HTR" 140
Purpose of the relay modules in the main block
No. Description
R1 Cooling fan (FAN1)
R2 Starter
R3 Cooling fan (FAN3)
R4 Air Fuel Ratio (A / F) Sensor
R5 Inverter
R6 Empty
R7 Cooling fan (FAN2)
R8 Empty
R9 A / C Compressor Clutch (MG CLT)
R10 Horn
R11 Engine control unit (EFI)
R12 Heated rear window
R13 Headlights (HEAD LAMP)
R14 Empty

Fuse box #2

Description of the additional block in the engine bay.

46 DRL - Daytime Running Lamp 7.5
1 Daytime running lamp relay -
2 -
3 -

ABS block


1 Empty
anti-lock braking system (ABS)

In the passenger compartment

General layout of the electronic components.

No. Component
1 Navigation control module
2 Heater relay
3 Cabin relay box
4 Cabin fuse box
5 Turn signal relay (alarm)
6 Distribution block
7 Air conditioning control module (without navigation)
8 Anti-theft control module
9 Network gateway module
10 Key transponder computer
11 Body ECM
12 Distribution block
13 Engine control module
14 Air conditioning control module (if navigation is available)
15 Gear selector lock module
16 Central airbag unit
17 Key transponder amplifier

Fuse box

Located under the dashboard. Next to it there is also a cabin relay box.

General form.

No. Description A
21 Instruments, switches and switches, SRS system 7.5
22 Audio system 7.5
23 Highlander / Kluger cigarette lighter fuse 15
24 Power windows for rear doors 20
25 Socket for connecting additional equipment 15
26 Front fog lamps 15
27 Airbag System (SRS) 15
28 ABS / TRAC / VSC systems, cruise control system, electric sunroof, automatic transmission selector lock system, alarm, charging system, starter 15
29 Windshield wiper 25
30 Power windows for rear doors 20
31 Power windows for front doors, door lights, central locking 25
32 electric sunroof 20
33 Air conditioning and heater. rear door glass heater, side mirror heater, cooling fan 15
34 Remote control door locks, central locking, heated side mirrors, ABS / TRAC / VSC systems. fuel injection system, reversing light 7.5
35 Rear door glass wiper 15
36 Stop lights, additional stop lights. ABS / TRAC / VSC systems. cruise control system, automatic transmission selector lock system, fuel injection system 20
37 Engine self-diagnosis system. Automatic transmission, ABS / TRAC / VSC systems. SRS systems 7.5
38 Front seat heaters 15
39 Fuel injection system, charging system, starter 15
40 Windshield Washer Fluid Low Level Indicator 20
41 Spare or RR FOG - Rear Fog Lights 7.5
42 Air conditioning, heated side mirrors 20
43 Power windows (front doors) 25
44 Front and rear parking lamps, license plate lamps, switch and switch lamps, fog lamps, turn signal repeaters (flasher) 10
45 Illumination of switches and switches 7.5
56 Fuel injection system, starter 40
57 Electric seat adjustment 30
Relay modules on the back of the unit
R1 Tail lamps
R2 Fog lamps
R3 Auxiliary (ACC)

Relay box


No. Decoding
R1 Toyota Highlander / Kluger Fuel Pump Relay (Circuit Opening)
R2 Heated seats
R3 Heating of the rest zone of the brushes

Car body electrical equipment

Location of components 
1. Sunroof control module, 2. Junction block, 3. Multimedia system control module for rear passengers (without rear heater), 4. Central locking control module, 5. Rear heater relay, 6. Audio amplifier, 7. Module multimedia system control for rear passengers, 8. Power window control module

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