Fuses and relays Toyota Hilux 7, 2005 - 2015

With the advent of the seventh generation, the Hilux pickup is finally becoming a global model. The production of the car is carried out according to the strategy of the project IMV (Innovative International Multipurpose Vehicle) and was launched almost simultaneously at four main production bases of Toyota: Thailand, Indonesia, Argentina and South Africa. The new model is intended for sale in over 140 countries. The car is built on a modified chassis of the previous generation with numerous technical improvements, while the platform has also been adapted for the Fortuner SUV. External dimensions, internal space, and carrying capacity have increased.

Most of the power circuits of the electrical equipment of the Japanese pickup truck are protected by fuses. Protective elements are installed in mounting blocks located in the passenger compartment and under the hood. Information on the diagrams is relevant for Toyota Hilux 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 models (AN10, AN20, AN30) with diesel 1KD-FTV (3.0 l.) , 2KD-FTV (2.5 liters) and gasoline 2TR-FE (2.7 liters) engines.

In the engine compartment

Fuse box located near the battery.

General view.

No. Description Current, A
1 Spare 25
2 10
3 15
4 Fog lamps 15
5 Horn 10
6 EFI engine management system 25
7 Additional heater PTC No. 1 50
8 Power driver's seat 30
9 Additional heater PTC No. 2 50
10 headlamp washer 40
11 Air conditioning, fuse "A / C" 50
12 ABS / TRC / VSC systems 30
13 40
14 ALT : Charging system, fuses PWR SFAT "'H-LR CLN" "FR HTR" "AM1" "IG1" "PTC # 1", "PTC # 2", "PWR OUT", "STOP", "TAIL" and "OBD" 100
15 Glow plugs (diesel models) 80
16 Fuses "FOG", "HORN" and "EFI" 50
17 Ignition system, fuses "ST", "IGN", "INJ" and "MET" 30
18 Fuses "HlP RH", "H-LP LH", "H-LP RL" and "H-LP LL" 40
19 Right headlamp (low beam) 15
20 Left headlamp (low beam) 15
21 Right headlamp (high and low beam) 15
22 Left headlamp (high and low beam) 15
23 EFI No. 2 engine management system 10
24 ECU-B: Central locking, remote central locking system, headlamps, steering wheel position sensor 10
25 Radio cassette 15
26 Interior lamps, ignition switch lamps, gauges and indicators, clock, multifunction display, remote central locking system, daytime outdoor lighting system, fog lights and lamps 7.5
27 Exhaust gas emission control system 20
28 ALT-S charging system 7.5
29 Direction indicators and hazard warning lamps (turn signal / flasher) 15
30 Air conditioning 7.5
31 DCC: "ECU-B", "DOME" and "RAD" fuses 30
Relay modules
R1 Dimmer (DIM)
R2 Headlamps
A Board
R1 Starter (ST)
R2 1TR-FE, 2TR-FE, 1GR-FE: Air Fuel Ratio Sensor
1KD-FTV without DPF, 2KD-FTV without DPF, 5L-E: Glow plugs  
1KD-FTV with DPF, 2KD-FTV with DPF: Air Fuel Ratio  Sensor
R3 1TR-FE, 2TR-FE, 1GR-FE: Fuel pump relay
1KD-FTV with DPF, 2KD-FTV with DPF: None

In the passenger compartment

Main fuse box

Located on the driver's side, at the bottom of the dashboard.

Photo - an example of execution.

No. Decoding of fuses A
1 Connector for additional equipment PWR OUT 15
2 Instrument panel illumination, fog lamps, headlight range control, marker lamps, license plate illumination, engine management system, multifunction display, daytime outdoor lighting system, automatic headlight switching system 10
3 Brake lights, auxiliary brake light, engine management system, automatic transmission selector lock system, ABS / TRC / VSC systems 10
4 OBD self-diagnosis system 7.5
5 INJ engine management system 15
6 ECU-IG & GAUGE: Air conditioning, charging system, rear differential locking system, ABS / TRC / VSC systems, direction indicators and hazard warning lights, reversing lights, engine management system, automatic transmission selector lock system, rear window defogger, headlights, central locking , remote control for central locking, steering wheel position sensor, daytime running light, cruise control, headlight washer, heated front seats, heated side mirrors, multifunction display 10
7 Windshield wiper and washer 20
8 IGN: Engine management system, SRS system, fuel pump 7.5
9 Radio tape recorder, connector for additional equipment, clock, power mirrors, automatic transmission selector locking system, multifunction display 7.5
10 Cigarette lighter fuse Hilux 7 15
11 Gauges, Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning System 7.5
12 Air conditioning 10
13 ST: Starting system, gauges and indicators, engine management system 7.5
Back side of fuse box
R1 Power outlet relay
R2 Heater relay
R3 Integrated relay
1 Rear differential lock system, ABS, TRC, VSC, fuses: "ACC", "CIG", "ECU-IG & GAUGE", "WIP" - 40 Amps
2 "PWR", "S-HTR", "4WD", "DOOR", "DEF", "MIR HTR" - 40 Amps

Additional fuse box

An additional unit is located behind the glove compartment on the passenger side.

Type 1


No. Protected chain A
1 Heated side mirrors 15
2 Rear differential lock system, ABS / TRC / VSC systems 20
3 Front seat heaters 15
4 Heated rear window, engine management system 20
5 Central locking, power windows 25
6 Power windows 30
R1 Heated mirrors (MIR HTR)
R2 Ignition (IG1)
R3 Heated rear window (DEF)
Type 2


Description A
1 Power door locks and power windows 25
2 Heated rear window and multiport fuel injection system / sequential multiport fuel injection system 20
3 Heated seats 15
4 Rear Differential Locking System, ABS, TRC and VSC 20
5 PWR - Glass lifters 30
R1 Ignition (IG1)  
R2 Heated rear window (DEF)  
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