Fuses and relays Toyota Nadia (XN10; 1998-2003)

The Nadia is a 5-seater minivan that embodies the spirit of outdoor vehicles and a functional passenger space. In this material, we will analyze in detail the fuse circuits for Toyota Nadia 1st generation (XN10) 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 release.

Here you will find the locations and photos of the mounting blocks. Separately, we note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter and fuel pump.

In the engine compartment

The main fuse box is located next to the battery. On the right side closer to the headlights is the additional relay box.

Fuse box

Photo - an example of the execution of the main unit.

No. A Description
AM2 30 Egnition lock
30 Ignition switch, fuel heater
RAD1 15 Radio cassette
PWR2 30 Driver's power windows
ALT-S 5 Generator
DOME 10 Interior lamps, local lamps, luggage compartment lamps, clock
15 Headlamp (left)
15 Headlamp (right)
EFI 15 Fuel injection system (fuel pump fuse)
HORN 10 Sound signal
HAZ 15 Sound signal, alarm
15 Power Outlet (trunk)
ALT 120 Generator
HTR 50 Heater
ABS 60 Anti-lock braking system ABS
EFI Fuel injection / fuel pump relay
ST Starter relay
HORN Sound Signal relay
HEAD Headlamp relay
Main motor relay
FAN Radiator fan relay
HTR Heater relay

Relay box

General view.

No. Relay assignment
1 electric pump ABS (ABS MTR)
2 EFI-2
No. A Fuse decoding
12 15 Egnition lock
13 15 Engine ECU
14 7.5 ABS system

In the passenger compartment

Located on the driver's side behind the glove compartment.

General view of the block.

No. A Decoding
1 7.5 Turn Signals / Flasher
2 7.5 Electronic engine control module
3 30 central locking
4 7.5 Engine ECU
5 10 Side lamps, license plate lamps
6 20 Wipers and washers
7 10 ABS, parking system, 4WD electronic control unit
8 15 Instrument cluster
9 15 Stop lamps, additional stop lamp
10 15 Clock, radio tape recorder, cigarette lighter fuse toyota nadia, electric side mirrors
11 10 Engine ECU
12 30 Rear door window heater
13 30 Spare
14 15 Fog lamps
15 15 Air conditioning
AM 40 Power group contactor ignition locks
PW 30 Power Windows
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