Fuses and relays Toyota Noah / Voxy (R60; 2001-2007)

In 2001, Toyota released a new family of minivans with three rows of seats to replace the Town Ace Noah and Lite Ace Noah models. Their successors were the Noah and Voxy models respectively. Being almost complete analogs, cars nevertheless have differences in design and were sold through different retail chains. In this material, we will analyze in detail the fuse circuits for Toyota Noah and Voxy 1st generation (R60): 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 release.

general view of the car
Here you will find the locations and photos of the fuse blocks. Separately, we note the elements responsible for the cigarette lighter and fuel pump.

In the engine compartment

General layout of the electronic units.

No. Component
1 heater relay
2 injector amplifier
3 mounting block in the engine compartment
4 fuse box
5 pressure modulator
6 ABS board

Fuse box

location of the fuse box in the engine compartment
Located near the battery on the left side of the engine compartment, behind the protective cover.

Photo - an example of execution.

No. Description A
1 DCC - Fuses "ECU-B", "DOME", "RAD NO.1" 30
2 IG2 - Gasoline: Electric Cooling Fans, Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection, Air Conditioning 15
FUEL HTR - Diesel: Fuel heater 30
3 HORN - Sound Signal 10
4 HAZ - Turn Signal Lamps and warning lamps (flasher) 10
5 EFI - sequential multiport fuel injection system, air conditioning system, electric cooling fans 15
6  (up to 10.2003): Electronic Throttle Control System ETCS 10
Electronic throttle control system. ETCS 10
A / F - (from 10.2003): Air-fuel ratio sensor. 15
7 OBD On-Board Diagnostic System 7.5
8 charging system ALT-S 7.5
 (from 10.2003): Wiper defroster FR DEF 15
9 MAIN - Relay "HEAD" (fuses "HEAD LH LWR", "HEAD RH LWR", "HEAD LH UPR", "HEAD RH UPR") 50
10 Ignition switch AM2 30
11 Rear air conditioning RR CLR 30
12 Headlamp cleaner HEAD LP CLN 30
Power Outlet 15
13 Rear fog lamp (RR FOG) 7.5
14 ABS system, VSC 40/50
15 30/40
16 Gasoline: Electric cooling fans CDS 30
Diesel: CDS Electric Cooling Fans 40
17 Gasoline: RDI electric cooling fans 30
Diesel: RDI Electric Cooling Fans 40
18 HTR - Air conditioning / heater 50
19 ALT - Relay "RR DEF" (fuses "RR DEF", "MIR HTR") relay "TAIL" (fuses "TAIL", "PANEL"), relay "IG1" ("ECU-IG", "GAUGE", " HTR ", Fuses" SEAT HTR "," SRS-IG "," WIPER ")," PWR "," RR HTR "," DOOR "," DOOR NO.2 "," FR FOG "," PWR OUTLET ", "STOP" "," AM1 "fuses 140
20 HEAD RH UPR - Right headlamp (high beam), instrument cluster 15
21 HEAD LH UPR - Left headlamp (high beam) 15
22 HEAD RH LWR - Left headlamp (low beam), headlamp leveling 15
23 HEAD LH LWR - Right headlamp (low beam) 15
24 RAD # 1 - Audio System 15
25 ECU-B - Charging System, Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection System, ABS, Electronically Modulated Suspension, Power Door Lock System, Power Windows, Key Reminder and Light Reminder, Seat Belt Warning, Audio System, Clock, Instrument Cluster, headlight, automatic lighting control system, fog lights, taillights, side lights, interior lighting, parking assistance system, air conditioning system, heated rear window 7.5
26 Interior lamps, personal lamps, foot lamps, door lamps, boot lamps, DOME table lamps 7.5
Purpose of relay modules
R1 Headlights (HEAD)
R2 Glass heating - FR DEF
R3 Gasoline: Ignition (IG2)
Diesel: Fuel heater (FUEL HTR)
R4 Horn
R5 cooling fan # 2
R6 Electro cooling fan #1
R7 Electro cooling fan #3
R8 ECU engine (EFI)

In the passenger compartment

location of fuse box in the passenger compartment
The fuse box is located on the passenger side behind the glove compartment.

Photo - an example of execution.

Instrument panel fuse diagram
No. Decoding A
A / C  Engine management system (1AZ-FSE up to 08.2004) 7.5
Front air conditioner
  • Parking system 
  • Heated rear window and heated mirrors
Rear view mirrors
central locking
Electric rear door
Audio system
Front air conditioner
Connector for additional equipment
ECU-IG  Charging system 7.5
Fan electric drive (with 1AZ-FSE motor)
Anti lock brakes ABS
Suspension stiffness change system
Central locking (models from 08.2004)
Audio system (MULTIVISION) and rear display
Front air conditioner
Connector for additional equipment
GAUGE Anti lock brake system (4WD models with VSC) 7.5
Switching indication
Electric drive glass lifts
central locking
Electric drive of the left sliding door
Electric drive of the right sliding door (models from 08.2004)
Electric sunroof
Electric rear door
Audio system (models with MULTIVISION system) and rear display
Headlights (models with xenon headlights from 08.2005)
Direction indicators and hazard warning lights
Reversing lamps
Interior lamps
Parking system
PANEL Audio system (models with MULTIVISION system) and rear display (models from 08.2005) 7.5
Fog lamps
Heated rear window and heated mirrors
The warning system about the left in the ignition key and not turned off the lighting
Parking lamps
TEMS Suspension stiffness change system 10
C / LTR Toyota Voxy / Noax Cigarette Lighter Fuse 15
FR FOG Fog lamps 15
IGN Ignition system (with 1AZ-FSE engine) 15
Engine management system (with 1AZ-FSE engine)
Electronic control system of automatic transmission (with 1AZ-FSE engine)
RR HTR Front air conditioner 15
STOP Engine management system (models with 1AZ-FSE engine) 15
Automatic transmission ECU (models with 1AZ-FSE engine)
Anti lock brake system
Suspension stiffness change system
Left sliding door motor
Right sliding door motor (models from 08.2004 onwards)
Stop lamps
AM1 launch system 25
central locking
The warning system about the left in the ignition key and not turned off the lighting
Interior lamps
RR DEF Heated rear window and mirrors 25
WIPER  Rear and windshield wiper and washer 25
DOOR LH left windows 30
DOOR RH  right windows 30
PWR Sliding door closing investment system (EASY CLOSE) 30
Left door motor
Right door motor (models from 08.2004)
Purpose of relay modules
R1 Heater
R2 Ignition
R3 Heated rear window
R4 Tail lamps
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