Fuses and relays Toyota Passo (XC10; 2004-2010)

Toyota Passo and Daihatsu Boon are an example of cooperation between two Japanese automakers to create a small car, which is part of the so-called "liter" class of cars, which is acquiring strategic importance. Toyota Passo is no different from the Daihatsu Boon car. But this does not mean that the development of one company is released unchanged under the brand name of another (OEM system), as was the case with the previous "twin" model Daihatsu Storia / Toyota Duet (1998-2004). In the case of the Passo / Boon, we are talking about an equal partnership between Toyota Motor and its subsidiary Daihatsu Motor, which has extensive experience in creating small cars. The design work is wholly owned by Toyota, and Daihatsu is responsible for the design, layout and production.

Considered diagrams Toyota Passo (XC10: KGC10, KGC15, QNC10) 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 years release.

In the passenger compartment

Fuse box located on the passenger side behind the plastic cover.

General view.

Assigment of fuses in the passenger compartment box Toyota Passo 10
No. Description A
1 Launch system 10
2 Charging system, engine management system, automatic transmission, ABS, SRS 7.5
3 Heated rear window 20
4 Electronic control system of automatic transmission and illumination of indicators, automatic transmission selector position. Power windows. Central locking and "Key free" system. Windshield wipers and washers. Rear window cleaner and washer. Direction indicators and hazard warning lights. Reversing lights. Manual air conditioner and air ionizer 7.5
5 Anti-lock braking system (ABS). SRS system. Electric power steering. Headlights (models with xenon headlights from 11.2005 onwards) 7.5
6 Electric drive of mirrors. Central locking and "Key free" system. Audio system 7.5
7 Passo cigarette lighter fuse, electrical outlet. 15
8 Launch system. Engine management system (K3-VE). Engine management system (1KR-FE) 7.5
9 Central locking and "Key free" system 15
10 Empty -
11 Direction indicators and hazard warning lights 10
12 Empty -
13 Windscreen cleaners and washers 20
14 Power windows 30
R1 starter
R2 direction indicator breaker
R3 power circuits
R4 main relay of the injection system
R5 horn relay
R6 fuel pump relay

In the engine compartment

Fuse box located on the right side of the engine compartment near the battery.

Photo is an example.

No. Decoding A
  • Power windows
  • Windshield wipers and washers
  • Rear window wiper and washer
  • Fog lamps
2 Electric power steering 50
3 AM1 40
4 Anti-lock braking system ABS 40
5 Launch system 30
6 Fan electric drive 30
7 Power windows. Connector for additional equipment 30
8 Manual air conditioner and air ionizer 40
9 Empty -
10 Left headlamp (high beam) 10
11 Right headlamp (high beam) 10
12 Left headlamp (low beam 10
13 Right headlamp (low beam) 10
14 Fog lamps (left) 10
15 Fog lamps (right) 10
16 Engine management 15
17 horn 10
18 air conditioning 10
19 Stop lamps 15
20 Spare 15
21 Interior lamps 15
22 Instrument cluster, clock, marker lamps 10
23 ABS 20
24 Automatic transmission, backlight 10
R1 heater
R2 audio system
R3 headlamps
R4 air conditioning
R5 fog lamp relay
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