Fuses and relays Toyota Ist / Scion Xa (XP60; 2002-2007)

Toyota Ist was designed as a compact car with a roomy trunk and sporty interior design. This car, built on the NBC multi-platform, is closely related to such models as BB, Platz, Vitz and, as is often practiced by Japanese manufacturers, was originally intended only for the domestic market, but was later introduced to foreign markets as an export model and was sold under the names xA and Scion Xa. In this material, we will analyze in detail the fuse circuits of the 1st generation Ist / Scion Xa (NCP60 body): 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 release.

Here you will find the locations and photos of the fuse blocks. Separately, we note the fuse responsible for the cigarette lighter.

In the engine compartment

There are four blocks here: the main and additional ones near the battery, power inserts on the battery, and a block with ABS relay modules.

Component layout (Type 2).

Main fuse box

General view.

No. Description A
1 Clock, instrument cluster, dual lock, headlamps, interior lamps, warning buzzer, multi-information display, audio system, door lock control unit (DOME) 15
2 Engine control unit, immobilizer, transmission control unit (EFI) 15
3 HORN 15
4 Charging system, instrument cluster, engine control unit, immobilizer, transmission control unit, multi-information display, SRS airbag system, ignition system (AM2) 15
5 Start system (ST) 30
6 Empty -
7 LH headlamp, headlight range control (H − LP LH) 10
8 LH headlamp, headlight range control (H − LP RH) 10
9 Power Outlet (P / POINT) 15
10 Empty -
10 Empty -
12 Empty -
13 Empty -
14 Empty -
15 Cooling fan (RDI) 30
16 Auxiliary heater (PTC) 50
17 Empty -
Purpose of the relay modules  
R1 Cooling fan
R3 Starter
R4 Empty
R5 Power Outlet
R6 Auxiliary heater (PTC)
R7 EFI system
R8 A / C Compressor Clutch
R9 Horn relay

Fusible links

Located on the battery.

No. Decoding A
1 MAIN - Fuses: "EFI", "DOME", "HORN", "ST", "AM2", "H − LP LH", "H − LP RH", "H − LP LH (HI)", "H −LP RH (HI) "," H − LP LH (LO) "," H − LP RH (LO) " 60
2 START / STOP system 80
3 Fuses: "ECU-B", "TAIL", "D / L", "OBD", "RDI", "AM1", "HAZ", "HTR", "HTR-SUB1", "POWER", "STOP "," DEF " , Charging system 100/120
4 ABS system 60

Additional fuse block


R1 Headlamps
R2 Dimmer (DIM)
R3 Empty
1 Headlamps right (daytime running lamps) H-LP HI RH 10
2 Instrument cluster, Headlamps left (daytime running lamps) H-LP HI LH 10

ABS box


  • ABS fuse # 3 (without VSC);
  • no (with VSC)
  • no (no VSC);
  • ABS MTR relay (with VSC)
  • ABS MTR relay (without VSC);
  • ABS CUT relay (with VSC)
  • relay ABS SOL (without VSC);
  • no (with VSC).

In the passenger compartment

Fuse box located behind the protective cover under the steering column.

General view of the block.

Toyota Ist / Scion Xa cabin block diagram
No. Decoding  A
1 Gauges, ABS, air conditioning, reversing lamps, charging system, instrument cluster, dual lock, door lock control unit, engine control unit, transmission control unit, daytime running lamps, warning buzzer, sunroof, power windows, gear selector lock, indicators turn signal, alarm, heater - (GAUGE) 10
2 Heated rear window and mirrors - (DEF RLY) 10
Heated rear window and mirrors - (DEF) 20
3 Double Lock, Door Lock Control Unit - (D / L) 25
4 Front fog lamps, headlamps, headlamps range control, warning buzzer, rear fog lamps, side lamps - (TAIL) 10
5 Empty  
6 Front and rear wiper and washer, door lock - (WIPER) 20
7 Headlights, rear fog lamps - (ECU-B) 7.5
8 Front fog lamps - (FOG) 15
9 Toyota East and Sien Cigar Lighter Fuse, Clock, Instrument Cluster, Warning Buzzer, Information Display, Power Outlet, Audio System, Power Mirrors - (ACC) 15
10 ABS, interior lamps, information display, auxiliary heater (PTC), cooling fan, SRS airbag system, heater - (ECU − IG) 7.5
11 Diagnostic connector - (OBD) 7.5
12 Turn Signal, hazard warning lamps (flasher)- (HAZ) 10
13 Air conditioning, heater - (AC) 7.5
14 Heated seats - (S-HTR) 10
15 Empty -
16 Engine Control Module, Transmission Control Module, Transmission Selector Lock, Stop Lamp - (STOP) 10
17 Fuses: "ACC", "GAUGE", "DEF" ("DEF RLY",), "S-HTR", "WIPER", "ECU-IG" - (AM1) 50
18 Windows, sunroof - (POWER) 30
19 Air conditioning, heater - (HTR) 40
20 Heated rear window, heated mirrors - (DEF) 30
Purpose of the relay modules
R1 Heater
R2 Hazard warning lamps (turn signals)
R3 Windows, sunroof
R4 Fuel Pump Relay - Circuit Opening (C / OPN)
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