Fuses and relays Toyota Vitz / Platz (P10; 1998-2005)

Most of the power supply circuits of the electrical equipment of the Japanese hatchback are protected by fuses. Powerful current consumers are connected via relays. Protective elements are installed in mounting blocks, which are located in the engine compartment and the passenger compartment.

The information is relevant for Toyota Vitz and Platz (P10 / XP10) cars 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 with gasoline engines 1SZ-FE (1.0L), 1NZ-FE (1.5L) , 2NZ-FE (1.3 L).

Location of relays, control units and fuses

1 - oil pump relay ("START / STOP" system), 2 - fuse box (models with "START / STOP" system), 3 - relay block No. 2 in the engine compartment, 4 - fuse box , 5 - relay block ABS, 6 - starter control relay ("START / STOP" system), 7 - ABS modulator, 8 - front right SRS sensor, 9 - mounting block in the engine compartment, 10 - left front SRS sensor, 11 - system control unit "START / STOP", 12 - central locking control relay, 13 - remote control receiver for central locking, 14 - stability control system control unit, 15 - electric power steering control unit (2SZ-FE), 16 - fuse box, 17 - mounting block under the dash, 18 - fog lamp relay (RS), 19 - SRS control unit,20 - electronic engine control unit, 21 - automatic transmission selector lock control unit, 22 - deceleration sensor (ABS, 4WD), 23 - fuel pump control relay, 24 - transformer ("START / STOP" system), 25 - battery (system "START / STOP").

In the passenger compartment

Assigment of fuses under the dashboard.

No. A Description
1 10 instrument cluster, direction indicators and hazard warning lights, seat belt and forgot key warning systems
2   not
3 15 Cigarette lighter, clock, multifunction display, instrument cluster, radio, electric mirrors, seat belt and forgot key warning systems
4 7.5 Air conditioner and heater
5 25 Heated rear window and mirrors
6 20 windshield and rear window wipers and washers
7 7.5 ABS, instrument cluster, multifunction display, auxiliary heater, radiator and condenser fans, SRS
8   not
9 25 central locking
10 7.5 headlamps (models with daytime running lights), rear fog lamp
11   not
13 7.5 marker lamps and lighting, rear fog lamp, warning system about non-switched off lighting, headlamps, headlight range control
14 20 no (except RS) FOG LAMP 20A
(fog lights) (RS from 10.2000)
15 10 direction indicators and hazard warning lights
16 10 Brake lights, engine management, automatic transmission and ABS indicators
A   Heater relay
B   Main power relay
C   Turn signal interrupter relay
D   Fuel pump relay
a 50 chain AM1 of the ignition lock
b 30 electric windows
c 40 air conditioner, heater

In the engine compartment

Fuse box #1


No. A Decoding
1 15 Clock, instrument cluster, interior lighting, radio tape recorder, warning system about non-switched off lighting, remote control of the central lock.
2 15 EFI: Engine management, automatic transmission operating mode indicators
3 15 sound signal
4 15 starter and ignition AM2
5 30 starter and ST ignition
6   Empty
7 10 left headlamp
8 10 right headlamp
9 7.5 A / C2 (modifications)
A   Relay No. 2 fan
B   Relay No. 1 fan
C   Injection system relay
D   Relay e / m air conditioning compressor clutch
E   Horn relay
F   Relay for auxiliary heater
G   Empty
H   Starter relay
a   Empty
b 30 RDI - radiator and condenser fans
c   HTR SUB1 - additional heater
d   Empty

Relay box #2


No. A Appointment
A - Headlamp relay
B - Headlamp switching relay
C - Relay for auxiliary heater
1 10 high beam - right headlamp
2 10 high beam - left headlamp

High-power fuse-links

Located on the battery.

No. A Protected chain
1 60 battery charging, instrument cluster, engine management, headlamps, interior lamps, multifunction display, rear fog lamp, SRS, starter and ignition, automatic clutch
2 120 (cold climate models) charging, headlamps (models without daylight system), rear fog lamp, marker lamps and lighting.
100 (for models for cold climates) charging, headlamps (models without a daylight system), rear fog lamp, marker lamps and lighting.
3 80 system "START / STOP"
4 60 ABS

ABS relay box


1 - ABS fuse # 3 (models without VSC); no (models with VSC), A - no (models without VSC); ABS MTR relay (models with VSC), B - ABS MTR relay (models without VSC); ABS CUT relay (models with VSC), C - ABS SOL relay (models without VSC); no (models with VSC).
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